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By: Porco
Last Updated: May 12, 2024
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Warrior from the mecha universe

HEALTH 933 (+4.0%)
REGEN 2.84 (+4.0%)
MANA 490 (+10)
REGEN 2.90 (+0.098)
DAMAGE 104 (+4.0%)

Combat Trait

Nova reactor
Activate to switch between force field and weapon system
10 sec cooldown.
change is not instant : values increase and decrease over one second.

- Force field mode : gain 50 armor
- Weapon system : deals 20%

Primary Abilities

Fusion blade
Mana : 30
Cooldown : 6 seconds

Dash on a small distance and slash on a small half circle, dealing 150 damages.

When cooldown ends, fusion blade starts to store fusion energie (10% / second, up to 100%)

Use this ability consumes fusion energie to increase its radius for an equal value
Hand missile
Mana : 40
Cooldown : 8 seconds

Dash on a small distanc, and launches a missile in the same direction (medium range).
Missile explodes on first enemy hit, dealing 200 damages on a small aera.
Apocalypse laser
Mana : 70
Cooldown : 16 seconds

Drawn a long line in front of justice and push him back on a small distance.
After one second, the line detonates, dealing 340 damages.

Heroic Abilities

Destructor beams
Mana : 60
Cooldown : 90 seconds

Calls to drones on your sides that fires two parallel beams. Beams stops on first wall/structures, dealing 100 damages every second to enemies on contact with it.
Beams are unpassables and last 3 seconds.
Justice cannot act during channeling but can reactivate to stop them.
Icarus rocket pod
Mana : 30
Cooldown : 50 sec

Lauches 5 rockets over 0.5 second on a medium aera.
Each rocket deals 100 damages on a small aera

Special Mount

Nova thursters
Mount is 10% fastet than usual.
Nava reactor is lost when mounted : its power is redirected to thursters.

Level 1 - Blade

- Fusion capacitor -
Increase maximum fusion energy cap up to 150%
Hit an enemy at 150% energy decrease his armor by 20 for 3 seconds

- Dynamic load -
Basic attacks grants 10 fusion energy energy
Gain 20% attack speed at 100% fusion energy

- Phasic blade -
Heroes hit by fusion blade decrease basic abilities cooldowns by 1 seconds
At 100% energy, fusion blade ignores armor and shields

Level 4 - mobility

- Retropropulsion -
Basic abilities can be quickly reactivated to go back to your origin location. This effect has a 5 seconds cooldown.

- enhanced thursters -
Mount is now instant. Mount speed bonus decay over 2 seconds when unmouted

- earthquake laser -
Apocalypse laser decrease enemies move speed from 10 to 40% for 2,5 seconds, depending of theyr distance from origin (yhe more they are close, the more they are slow)
Increase the detonation width by 30%

Level 7 - damages

- accurate weapon systems -
Increase nova reactor damage bonus up to 30%.
Justice is unaffected by blind.

- secondary missiles -
Hand missile lauches two additionnal missiles, parallel to the original one

- power blade -
Fusoin blade deals an additionnal amount of damages equal to half of its fusion energy charge.

Level 13 - defense

- power field -
Increase nova reactor armor bonus up to 60%.
Halve duration of slow and root effects

- emergency evacuation -
60 seconds cooldown
Channel for one second and teleport to hall of storm, dealing 70 damages on a small aera.
Gain unstopable during channeling.

- optic camo -
10 seconds cooldown
Gain stealth, lose nova reactor bonus while stealth.

Level 16 - misc

- obliteration protocol -
Basic attacks and fusion blade deals an additionnal amount of damages equal to 1% of enemy's maximum health.
Fusion blade deals an additionnal amount of damages equal to 5% og enemy's maximum health at 100% energy charge.

- hunter killer missile -
Increase hand missile radius by 100%
If no enemy is hit, hand missiles keeps moving for 2 seconds, trying to hit the nearest hero.

- ragnarok laser -
Increase basic attack range by 1.
Basic attacks against enemy heroes decrease apocalypse laser cooldown by 1 second.

Level 20 - storm

- autonomous destructors -
Justice can act as usual during destructor beams.

- secondary pod -
Decrease cooldown by 5 seconds and grants an additionnal pod. Each pod has its own cooldown.

- supernova reactor -
Decrease supernova reactor cooldown by 5 seconds. Values changes are now instant.
Force field mode grants 10% damage bonus
Weapon systems grants 25 armor.

- supply demand -
Calls a drop pod at target location, dealing 75 damages on a small aera and produces 2 health globes. Pod has 1000hp.
Global range

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