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By: Porco
Last Updated: May 7, 2024
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Ninja healer

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Combat Trait

Ofuda charge
Kiriko gains one ofuda charge every 2 seconds, up to 5 charges.
Every stored charge increases hels provided by 3%

Primary Abilities

Healing ofuda
Mana : 5
Cooldown : 2 seconds

Consume all stored ofuda charge to heal targeted hero for 100hp per charge consumed.
Mana : 30
Cooldown : 6 seconds
Skillshot, medium range

Launch a kunai that deals 130 damages to the first enemy hit, add an effect depending of the nature of that enemy :
- structures are disabled for 2 seconds
- heroes and mercenaries suffer 120 additionnal damages
- all others tagets : damages are dealt in a small aera
Swift step
Mana : 40
Cooldown : 10 seconds
Medium range.

Teleports to the nearest allyed hero on medium range

Heroic Abilities

Kitsune rush
Mana : 60
Cooldown : 60 second

Creates a large aera for 5 seconds.
Allyes in the aera gains 20% move speed, attack speed, and cooldown acceleration.
Protection suzu
Mana : 40
Cooldown : 20 seconds

Creates a large circle aera for 3 seconds.
Allies in the aera are unstopable and gain 30 armor

Level 1 - passive

- Ninja run
Gain 3% move speed for each stored ofuda charge

- Protection ofuda
Gain 3 armor for each stored ofuda charge.

- Agressivity
Basic attacks deals 10% more damages for each stored ofuda charge

Level 4 - heals

- healing supercharge.
If healing ofuda is sent to an ally with at least 5 ofuda charge, heals for an additional 5% of target's maximum hp, and heals kiriko for 120hp

- ofuda affinity
Gains one more ofuda charge, decrease ofuda charge by 0,2 seconds, and healing ofuda's cooldown by 0.4 seconds.

- lighty step
Swift step heals kiriko and allyed target for 120 ho and grant 2 ofuda charges

Level 7 - damages

- swift kumai
Swift step refresh kunai's cooldown.
Kunai increase your next wift step range by 30%

- magic kunai
Invrease kunai's basic damages by 20%, and makes it pierce the first enemy hit

- ricochet
Basic attacks bounce up to one more enemy. Up to two enemis if at least 3 ofuda charges are stored

Level 13 - Mobility

- agility of a fox
Basic attacks reduces swift step cooldow by 0.75 seconds. Swiftstep increase your next basic attack damages by 100%

- ofuda of freedom.
Healing ofuda grants unstopable for 2 seconds if lauched with at least 4 ofuda charges

- poisoned kunaï
Kunaï slows enemies by 20% for 3 seconds
Basic attacks against slowed or rooted enemies increases attack speed by 20% for 2 seconds.

Level 16 - misc

- ofuda wave
Healing ofuda heals all nearby allyed heroes for 30% of its heals

- blessing of kitsune
Healing ofuda grants 10 spell power for each spent ofuda charge for 3 seconds

- Ninjutsu
Quickstep blinds nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds and grant's kiriko and her target stealth for 3 seconds

Level 20 - storm

- Kitsune rage
Increase kitsune aera by 30%. Lauches a spirit fox on cast that deals 300 damage to the first enemy hero hit and stuns him for 0.5 seconds

- perfect suzu
Increase protection suzu duration by 1 second, its radius by 20%, and its armor bonus by 10

- shimad's way
Kunai now shoots 3 kunais on a spread pattern, and increase its range by 50%

- quick step
Swift step can now be casted at a localisation of your choice.
Kill an enemy hero refresh swift step cooldown.

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