Autoatack Fenix: Shield management by Salazar

Autoatack Fenix: Shield management

By: Salazar
Last Updated: Mar 29, 2018
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Build: Autoattack Fenix

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Lore Top

As a zealot, Fenix earned glory and honor for the Protoss Empire in the days of old, fighting alongside his friend Artanis throughout many worlds.
During the Swarm's attack on Aiur, Fenix was killed, but fortunately his body was recovered and implanted in the shell of a dragoon, thus enabling him to fight again.

Fenix in Heroes of the Storm: Skills Top

Fenix is a ranged assasin who relies on his autoattacks (aa) to deal damage to his enemies.

Part of Fenix's health is occupied by a shield which recharges fast after not receiving damage during a short period of time. Not only does this make him tankier that other ranged assasins, but also allows him to make really effective trades when fighting against other heroes, as losing your shield in exchange for enemies' HP is extremely worth because you will recover that "lost health" in just a few seconds while they will have to get their fountain, back or waste their supports mana.
A laser beam spins twice with a fixed radious starting where your cursor is, taking Fenix as the rotation axis. Each hit of the beam deals damage and slows enemies by 25%. The most effective way to use this ability is by starting its spin right on top of your enemy, applying an instant slow, and then trying to move so that the beam will hit him at least three times
Fenix can change between two different weapons in order to adapt himself to the situation. Repeater cannon increases his attack speed whereas phase bomb increases his aa range (1 nore) and damage while also adding splash damage to his aa. Use repeater cannon when you want to focus down an important enemy and in duels, and phase bomb to poke, clear lanes and doing splash damage during a teamfight. Knowing when to use one weapon mode or another is key for playing Fenix effectively.
Fenix channels during 0.5s, then disappears and reappears 0.75s later in the targeted location. Use warp to retire from battle when your shield is depleted and you are in danger, to reposition yourself or to chase down the last kill. It is important to know that enemies can't see where you're going to apear, so it can be used as a surprise tool for ganking and fleeing.
Fenix projects a scan during 1,5s un an arc in front of him, targeting all heroes hit. After that time, Fenix shoots 5 missiles to each of the enemies marked that deal bonus damage against slowed heroes (50% more damage each). You CAN move during the channeling. Pick this ultimate if your team has a reliable slow or hard CC.
Fenix stays still and releases a powerful laser beam accross the battleground in a straight line. Its range is global, and can deal massive damage to enemies if they are forced to stay in the beam (a very unlikely situation). Use it to snipe kills across the map, as a zoning tool or to laugh hard if your ETC lands a 5-man "MOSHPIT!"

Talent choices Top

LvL 1: Mobile offense
This talent will increase the damage of your next aa to a hero by 30% each time you move without being mounted. As kiting is key with any ranged assasin, this talent will reward you enormously for doing it well. Take into account that both repeater cannon and phase bomb are benefited from this, so you must neves stay still while attacking, it doesn't matter if you're dueling or just poking.
LvL 4: Emergency protocol
This talent will increase your speed by 30% for 5 seconds nce your shield is depleted. This will make it easier for you to flee ance your shields are gone, and sinergizes very well with the next talent.
LvL 7: Divert power:weapons
Activate it to drain your shield and gain aa damage bonus according to the percentage of shield lost, up to 80% bonus damage. Use it to quickly take down an enemy while kiting him thanks to the extra movespeed granted by the LvL 4 talent, but be careful as you'll become very squishy, a problem that we can solve at LvL 13.
LvL 10: Planet cracker
Although both ultimates are viable, I do personally prefer Planet cracker as you can focus on dealing damage with your aa during teamfights rather than staying 1,5s channeling Purification Salvo (you will probably be interrupted). The uses of Planet cracker are mentioned in the previous chapter.
LvL 13: Auxiliary shields
This talent will decrease your HP by 10%, but will also grant you 20% more shield. It'll also make your aa restore shield equal to 20% of the damage done. This will allow you to regenerate your shield when depleted by Divert power:weapons or enemy attacks. The best way to recover your shiel is by hitting a group of enemies with a shot of Phase bomb, but several hits with Repeater cannon against an enemy can work as well.
LvL 16: Photonic weaponry
Your aa damage while having shields will increase by a 15%. This will increase your general damage while also being useful after the first hit once you've activated Divert power.weapons.
LvL 20: Singularity charge
Just like in Starcraft, this is an improvement for your aa. Repeater cannon will shoot 50% faster, while Phase bomb will increase your range by 1 more. This will increase the efectiveness of the build in general.

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