Can't Run From this Nova by NovaBread

Can't Run From this Nova

By: NovaBread
Last Updated: Jun 21, 2015
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Build: Ganker Nova

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Threats to Nova with this build

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Murky Low health, easy target.
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Diablo With an ability driven target, with an ability that prevents escape, Diablo is very deadly, like much other Melee Warriors

Nova in General Top

(NOTE: I am not good at making these, don't blame me)
This Build Focuses on catching and killing out of cloak, and being able to tail and catch them with ease.
Nova is a very squishy character with huge range, cloak, and an amazing range ability. However, a lack of escaping ability and Health makes her an easy kill for melee players Such as Diablo.

Talents Top

Level 1: Rangefinder making killing character with dashes (EX Sgt. Hammer) Much more possible

Level 4: Gathering Power is one of THE most useful talents up Nova's sleeve, with each enemy Hero kill (Doesn't have to be your kill) you gain a 5% Ability bonus, maxing at 15% and resetting to 5% with each death.

Level 7: Anti-Armor Shells a key talent to getting kills if Snipe fails.

Level 10: Precision strike is better for enemies who are able to dash almost instantly and get out of range, Ex: Sgt. Hammer

Level 13: Advanced Cloaking is extremely helpful for chasing down low health Heros

Level 16: Crippling shot is essential for higher health enemies, who can tank a Snipe, but maybe

Level 20: Precision Barrage is great for pushing Forts and Cores in late game, with the boost from Gathering Power this becomes a deadly combo.

Playing this Build. Top

Playing this build relies on another player to absorb damage while you deal massive damage. Try to escape if you even SEE a high health Hero, any point in game. In early game, focus on getting easy kills, not ones that would require a chase for a kill.


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