Hammer Time Thrall by Zugdug

Hammer Time Thrall

By: Zugdug
Last Updated: Jun 24, 2015
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Tier 1 Top

For tier 1 with Thrall you either take Champions Restitution or Seasoned Marksman depending on your team comp. If you've got good dmg already then take Champions Restitution over Seasoned Marksman and vice versa if your a little weak on dmg.

Tier 2 Top

In tier 2 I only use Mana Tide for the constant sustain in team fights and also in lane soaking.

Tier 3 Top

There is only 1 skill for this tier and that is Wind Sear because all of Thrall's good dps is generated from hit hammer and hitting with it... alot.

Ultimate Top

For this tier of talents it is user preference but I've always used Sundering for it's multiple uses.

Tier 5 Top

This is your healing tier always get Grace of Air to help you sustain yourself in 1v1's and team fights.

Tier 6 Top

This is your bread and butter... This skill will win you the game and every fight... YOU HAVE TO PICK TEMPEST FURY OR YOUR JUST BAD M'Kay.

Tier 7 Top

I use Nexus Blades on this last tier because your windfurry gives you the speed to move about and you can always use more dmg

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