Hellhammer Hailstorm by Warchamp7

Hellhammer Hailstorm

By: Warchamp7
Last Updated: Feb 11, 2015
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Overview Top

Hellhammer Hailstorm

Thrall was just released and I've spent a fair bit of time messing around with various builds. Attempting a Windfury oriented one resulted in this one, which I found to work quite well.

This build is oriented primarily around taking objectives, capturing mercenaries and split pushing when appropriate, but is not useless when it comes to grouping and taking fights.

Talents Top

Wind Shear
Windfury's normal cooldown is 12 seconds, so shaving off 1/4th of that is really important when it comes to focusing a build around the ability. This is where the build begins, and will become a very important talent point later on.

Mana Tide
One of the most useful talent in this build as it allows you to keep yourself on the battlefield and synergizes very well with the later talents.

Battle Momentum
Cooldown reduction of Windfury is at the heart of this build. Combined with the high health and mana sustain of Frostwolf Resilience and Mana Tide, this will allow you to stay very active during all engagements, whether it's minions, mercenaries or enemy heroes.

Great damage and a stun, as well as allowing for nice plays involving the displacement it has. Perfectly acceptable alternative if you don't want or need the teamfight perks of Earthquake

A very large AoE slow, very useful for teamfights. In 1v1 situations, it also allows you to kite melee heroes if you're on the back foot, or chase down a hero who has conceded the fight and is trying to escape. Since this build is oriented mostly towards taking camps and solo pushing, it's a good option.

Grace Of Air
Doubling the effectiveness of Windfury when it comes to gaining Frostwolf Resilience charges is just too important to pass up.

Tempest Fury
This is where everything comes together. Adding this to the mix means Windfury hits five times, and gives you 10 charges of Frostwolf Resilience. Those attacks also shred 2.5 seconds off the 9 second cooldown thanks to Battle Momentum, leaving it with about 3 seconds remaining after landing all of the attacks. Casting Chain Lightning before Windfury will also have it back off cooldown just after the attacks, letting you cast it again.

This build is great for taking camps and split pushing, so grabbing Sundering and Worldbreaker lets you help out with fights happening elsewhere, and with some simple positioning can help your push at the same time.

Earthen Shields
Makes Earthquake even better in 1v1s and teamfights by shielding you and/or allies. My preferred option.

Bolt of the Storm
A viable alternative if you're against slippery heroes, or really need a way to escape a chase heavy lineup.

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