Nova - Alpha Strike 2018 by Shad

Nova - Alpha Strike 2018

By: Shad
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2018
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Build: Alpha Strike

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Reasoning - Top

Nova is a fragile hero that has a great utility (stealth) to help her get into position, the best thing she can do, and the essence of her character, is to get into a good position, deal huge amounts of damage in seconds and then get out.

This hit and run guerrilla style tactic is not only Nova's style, but a ghosts style.

This build is focused around allowing Nova to maximise her sudden Alpha Strike damage.

This build is capable of instantly killing weak heroes, 2 shotting stronger heroes and quickly making a tanks "I can survive this" situation into a "Oh **** where did that damage come from" situation.

First two talents - Top

The first talent Longshot, is a useful first talent that really comes into its own later in the game. This talent increases the range of your slow, and gives your next basic attack a bit of a boost.


This will allow you to hit your targets with damage reduction, basic attack boost and your snipe without over extending and getting too close.

Holo Stability

The only purpose of this ability in this build is two fold, diverting your enemies away from yourself or team mates, or gaining LoS (Line of Sight) for your ult or over a wall to strike with your Alpha

Third Talent Top

This is key, you cannot do this build effectively without this talent.

Anti-Armor Shells

Every 3 seconds you will be able to fire a basic shot. It hits hard, but it hits rarely. You will have to learn to keep range on your target whilst simultaneously hitting them every 3 seconds. It hurts alot.

Ultimate Top

There is no real reason you cant take precision strike, but due to the range and position focus of this build, you will find that Triple shot gives you the ability to take down targets that are quite heavy on your own, and with the level 20 boost, you can rip apart entire teams with ease.

Triple Tap

Two more Talents: Top

The improved snipe talent here will allow you to fully strike your targets at maximum range whilst also reducing your over all mana expenditure, keeping you in the fight for longer. The range of this will catch many running heroes off guard, and as long as you arent missing often, the damage bonus from the passive makes it hit very hard.

Psionic Efficiency

The next talent is key. This talent combined with your first, will be your first use move.

Crippling Shot

This ability will make your cycle look like this.

Get into position > Pinning Shot (increasing damage taken and increasing basic attack damage) >
Snipe + Auto Attack > Re-position and repeat.

Its simple, its sudden and it hits like hell.

The armour reduction of pinning shot will also allow your team mates to rip that target apart too, assuming you didnt just kill it.

Final Talent: Top

If you cycle through on a target and it doesn't die, you can almost definitely take advantage of their reduced armour and finish them off with your ult at this point, with this talent, you can do it again, and again, and again until their entire team is dead.

Fast Reload

Nova Carry ftw. They'll never see you coming.

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