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By: ButtOverlord
Last Updated: Feb 6, 2016
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Threats to Nova with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
The Lost Vikings ._.
Sylvanas not necessarily a challenge. Just combo and ult m8
Murky save ur q before he bubbles. and ez kills
Li-Ming kind of easy to kill, but if this ming mong knows how to play, position a little further if you can.
Raynor easy to kill once his passive heal is down.
Lt. Morales Nova can easily kill morales if you have good positioning. rewind can easily give you the ability to kill her with 2 combos and 2 autos.
Nazeebo Make sure that you don't get caught in the necrophilia orgy and you'll b a okay. dodge his w and just kite around him.
Li Li Just make sure that you can burst her down if she goes the 1000 cups path. try not to get blinded and run behind her
Azmodan super tanky, make sure that you're fighting with someone else because he can easily survive your damage. even with rewind. otherwise his flabs can't help him here ;^)
Zeratul you can beat him with the fuck em up build, just rewind once you've casted q and w and you'll outdamage him 4 sure. Keep your distance and make sure that you're behind your tanks in teamfights.
Johanna harderer to kill, just make sure you poke instead of trying to fully burst her down.
  No Threat
The Butcher try to avoid fighting him alone/up close.
  No Threat

Nova was BROKEN before, and shes still broken now! (broken as in horrible as fuck wtf blizzard) Top

Yes, blizzard changed her ****ing talents and ****. she is not bad. she has always sucked on maps where she has had to hit something other than a hero. however if tied into a team that can easily allow her to slip through enemies then she can fit in perfectly.

Intro to me, the butt overlord. Top

I'm gay, so yeah I like ***. I also like memes. and cooking pasta. add me if ya want. @ ButtOverlord#1813. I could coach if ya want, probably like 10 dollars every hour and 30 minutes.

Introduction to Nova, my favoritetist character ever. Top

I've played Nova ever since I started the game. I am sick and tired of hearing that Nova is bad this patch and can't do damage. LISTEN YOU ****OS, NOVA WAS NEVER MEANT TO ****ING NUKE EVERYONE IN HER PATH. Nova was made to clean up, and execute the baddies who can't run away fast enough. Nova can easily chunk down people during fights, and clean em up. The **** em up build is my personal build that I use for bae. For the first talent, I grab advanced cloaking since it's literally as fast as your mount so you don't have to sit in an area for 2 seconds waiting for your ****ing horse to come to the rescue, you can just go invis and run ez pz. This is also good for running around baddies and having some dank ganks. The next talent I grab is rapid projection, mainly because decoy is a key spell of nova's. Cast the decoy as soon as you go in on an enemy so that there is a 1/2 chance that the enemy will hit you. cause they're bad. Next talent I grab is one in the chamber. Anti-armor shells is just very weak but this talent is much better mainly because it provides like 2/3 of the same effect, but you have normal attack speed. Grab ****ing triple tap. I am so sick of seeing precision strike, it is a bad spell just stop please. double tap op no explanation needed. crippling shot also op bcuz it ties in with double tap, and one in the chamber also increases burts. REWIND. THE KEY TO THIS BUILD WILL ALLOW YOU TO COMBO LIKE A PRO AND BURST DOWN ANY *****


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