Nova - Late game build - *SUBJECT TO CHANGE AS THIS IS STILL BETA [[Updated to Sylvanas Patch]] by PeptoBismol

Nova - Late game build - *SUBJECT TO CHANGE AS THIS IS STILL BETA [[Updated to Sylvanas Patch]]

By: PeptoBismol
Last Updated: Apr 10, 2015
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Build: Late Game Build

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Full Build Overview + Tips and Strategies Top

Hello everyone, this is my first post/guide here and I hope you will enjoy. I will only cover what I deem as necessary, so I will skip a few talents. I apologize in advance if I miss something crucial. Get Snipin!

To begin, Ambush Snipe I feel is necessary for a Nova player who wants to have a little poke in the early game, seeing as up until level 7/10, you will not be able to hold your ground in a lane. Taking the Gathering Power talent will allow you to gank better and be able to go into lane as well. But do not get overconfident, you are still Nova, you are still squishy. Once you reach 10, Triple Tap will allow you to snipe fleeing enemies, as well as cleaning up a team fight. This will only hit one target, so the tank could block all 3 shots a full health and live. I prefer to focus the healer, decreasing the enemy team's survivability. At level 20, your killing potential skyrockets. Picking Fast Reload resets your Triple Tap on hero kills. You MUST land the final blow for this cooldown to reset. It is possible to wipe out an entire team during a fight, especially if you have good positioning. It is cheesy and cliche to say, but with this power comes responsibility. You need to know your own limits; you should never rely on your ultimate ability.

Strategies Throughout the Game Top

Now that you know how to build your Nova, I will go a little deeper to explain how to play your Nova. As I said previously, early game is the worst part of the game for Nova. At this point you should just play safe and roam/gank, CAREFULLY. You can be taken out very fast. Best things you can do are - Grant vision for your team on mercs and all camps, use your decoy wisely, letting enemies engage then chasing them away with a friendly team member, and the most important : constantly be in bushes to gain exp. This may sound strange, but with a Nova you want to race to 7/10 your power spikes like crazy. Once you have Triple Tap or Precision Strike you can now engage with your team. Precision Strike will grant you AOE, which none of Nova's ability have. This is great for dropping many enemies fast. If you want to be more of a presence by yourself, Triple Tap combined with Fast Reload will turn you into a machine, resetting your ultimate cooldown instantly. Lastly, do not do ANYTHING without mana. You will die. Play smart, and retreat when you are running low.

Conclusion + Thanks! Top

Overall, Nova is considered cheap, op, and broken. IMO, she could be nerfed, but she can be countered with CC, once she is stunned she is highly vulnerable(or when she is oom). As a Nova, its important to stay alive, you are a key part of your team and your presence will bring fear.

Anyways, I hope you learned something from this guide and will use this build, or a modified version to aid you in battle. Enjoy your day and your battles within Heroes of The Storm.

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