Nova - Smart Combat / 1v1 by StormReaper

Nova - Smart Combat / 1v1

By: StormReaper
Last Updated: Aug 11, 2015
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Build: Nova - Smart Combat

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Nova (Quick Match) Against another Nova I've won every 1v1 moments if another Nova is using Anti-Armor Shells build.
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Maximizing Your Damage Top

I will explain in this part why do I choose following talent build for Nova.

(1): Ambush Snipe
Reason: Nova is assassin. Meaning of that is make as much damage as possible.

(4): Gathering Power
Reason: You get tons of "fixed" damage by killing enemy Heroes to maximum amount of Gathering Power, because Nova does a high damage already.

(7): One in the Chamber (Disputable)
Reason: If you do a little math. You have 3 basic abilities. After every ability you will hit normal basic attack and every of the basic attacks deals 80% more additional damage and in total (3 x 80% = 240%) after all abilities it does 240% and what is PLUS is that you save your attack speed in basic attacks which means that the enemy may not escape with the 150 HP, because you're faster than using a Anti-Armor Shells .

A lot of people takes Anti-Armor Shells , because they think it does much much much more damage. You hit 3 times slower than usually and it means that the enemy may escape from you or kill you in 1v1. I see that the Anti-Armor Shells is good in some maps or against some specific enemy heroes that may burst you down.

Also Crippling Shot is useful with One in the Chamber since you attack faster and it makes more damage again. The slowness may be your destiny or enemy's lucky day.

(10): Triple Tap
Reason: It will be enemy team's destiny after you get Fast Reload after team fight was it win or lose and people with low HP starts running away you can finish them. Also Precision Strike is useful, but you really need to know where to land it since you can use it twice at level 20.

(13): Lethal Decoy
Reason: If you fail something you have also a chance to rectify it by summoning a Holo that makes last shots to escaping enemy also it does great burst if you use all abilities that was mentioned before about choosing a One in the Chamber

It is not bad to choose a Advanced Cloaking , but seriously if you start running away you can't just turn into Cloaked if enemy is attacking you. All of this talent is usable only and after you get into Cloaked mode. It will not save you that many times that you should pick it up for this build.

(16): Crippling Shot
Reason: Now it's time when you ask "Why crippling shot, because we already selected a Lethal Decoy and two of the Holos would do a 2x damage (25% + 25% = 50%)", because when you shoot a Crippling Shot on enemy Hero, your Lethal Decoy (alone) will do a (25% + 25% = 50%) damage and the 25% of the damage bonus works on yourself for all your abilities/basic attacks and also for your team mates. So Double Fake is totally useless. Notice that minus side too the additional summoned decoy will spawn on you and it also have same range.

(20): Fast Reload
Reason: It's time to finish ALL low HP enemy Heroes one by one.

This is my view of Nova and this build has brought me visible results.
Hope you enjoy.

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