Nova W-build [Li Ming Patch] by Phoenix86

Nova W-build [Li Ming Patch]

By: Phoenix86
Last Updated: Feb 3, 2016
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Build: Pinning Shot Build

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Threats to Nova with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Lunara Can chase you to death but you can kill her aswell
  No Threat
Tyrael Althought he can chase you well it doesnt have much dmg to actually kill you
Thrall Just dont 1v1 him unless you are ready to unload your full combo on him
Diablo Dont get caught by his Q+E combo, use your W to slow him down, check bushes around you before engaging if you dont see him on map
Illidan Basically any heavy diver is a threat to Nova... as always
The Butcher Unstoppable charge + high dmg + CC ... Wait his engage on someone else before attacking him
Muradin Dont get caught by his E+Q combo, use your W to slow him down, check bushes around you before engaging if you dont see him on map

Nova Pinning Shot Build Top

First of all i wanna say that this is my 1st guide so... forgive me if it has a bad format for now,
i'll try to edit as much as i can in order to make it look good :p

At the moment i just wanna write down the most basic informations.

So... we all know that Nova got this huge rework and imho, we better let go the old build and try to change our style accordingly... if Blizz wanted us to keep playing around Snipe they wouldnt have done this rework dont you think?!

So, let's talk about talent meanwhile hoping Nova will receive more -positive- changes!

Tier 1:
Long Shot: Given we lost that sweet 20% dmg on Snipe our 2nd ally beside bursty damage is our superior range... so why not improving it for both our CC and follow-up AA? This is probably the safest poke ever

Both Advanced Cloacking and Tactical Espionage are good aswell, if the enemy team doesnt have any heavy divers you could go for 1 of these 2 instead of Long Shot or if you are confident about your hit'n'run tactics.

Tier 2:
Rapid Projection: This is the talent of choice because it triggers our next talent: One in the Chamber, the more and the cheaper we can make our skills, the better.

Tier 3:
One in the Chamber: the whole point of this build is to rotate between all our skills with an AA after each one: you meet the enemy and start this rotation: E ---> AA ---> W ---> AA ---> Q ---> AA (after lvl 10 you can add your Heroic too, after lvl 13 a 2nd W aswell, the rotation keeps powering up with each tier of talents after this one)

Anti Armor Shells is no longer useful since we lost 40% baseline burst on Snipe and can no longer access to Gathering Power there's really no point in getting this for now

Dont let Snipe Master fool you... yes it sounds awesome but you are gimping your team with this (no laning help, no mercs help, no structures help and you lose everything if you miss). All this for 50% dmg which is barely higher than the old Snipe without Gathering Power and anyway you dont have AAS to follow-up...
I'll say it again: no point going for a Q build after this rework atm

Tier 4:
Precision Strike is the Heroic of choice like before and even more now that we are gonna abuse our W

Tier 5:
Double Tap: this is a W-centric build no other explanations are needed i suppose.

Tier 6:
Crippling Shot: again... W-centric build, i dont see any other choice for this build here, our rotation now is gonna hurt quite a bit and it's also kinda fast! You go: E - AA - W - AA - R+Q - AA - W - AA (this can be done in roughly 2 seconds and at lvl 20 deals around 3.5k dmg WITHOUT your Ulti)

Lethal Decoy could see some uses if they restore Double Fake in Tier 2 talent, else i dont see why i should take this; even less reasons to pick an upgrade for Snipe instead of a 25% increased dmg for our whole team

Tier 7:
Rewind: i dont think this one needs any explation right?

Feel free to comment and vote!

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