[Quick Guide] Nova by Syrchalis

[Quick Guide] Nova

By: Syrchalis
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2015
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Build: The Assassin

Level 1
Level 4
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Disclaimer Top

These guides are a TL;DR version of my personally prefered way to play a hero. They do not claim to show the ultimate way to play the character (albeit possible) and they will not go in-depth on matchups, playstyle, tricks or every single talent.

Talent Choices Top

Level 1

Ambush Snipe
- We want to kill people quickly and this is the only talent that helps with that in this tier
- Plus 20% damage on her snipe is actually quite a bit later in the game

Level 4

- Does by far the most damage in this tier
- Does not rely on takedowns and not dying
- Allows you to envenom pesky assassins that try to take you down or finish off tankier targets
- Disadvantage of cooldown and range

Level 7

Anti-Armor Shells
- Frontloads your damage
- You need to stand still much less

Level 10

Triple Tap
- Insane damage
- Will allow you to solo entire teams at 20, given split enemies
- The worse your enemies the better this talent, because they will be spread out
Precision Strike
- Good damage, very good AoE damage
- The better the enemies the better this talent, because they will be together a lot more

Level 13

Lethal Decoy
- 25% more damage on basic attacks and basic abilities
- Allows to fool people a lot better, because a decoy dealing damage is much more believeable

Level 16

Crippling Shot
- 25% more damage helps not only you, but everyone on your team
- This applies also to your ultimate and envenom, making it superior to double fake even if no teammate does damage to the target

Level 20

Fast Reload
- This actually resets from a lot of things you wouldn't expect
- Allows spread out teams to be devastated by you
- Should always take this when you took Tripple Tap
Precision Barrage
- Straight upgrade to the ability
- Makes you deal incredible AoE damage if you can hit both
- Allows for two quick ambushes one someone with little downtime
- Highest burst in the shortest time
- Is not as reliant as the ultimates on conditions like enemies being CCed (Precision Strike) or noone being there to block it (Tripple Tap)
- No AoE damage
Bolt of the Storm
- If there is a pesky Illidan focusing you or you get generally focused a lot, then you can take this
- If you surving wouldn't benefit as much one of the other ultimates then forsake this talent

Playstyle Top

- Hit and Run
- Try to WQ someone and one auto attack then back up
- If they have healers you might need to commit more (envenom, two autoattacks) so they dont just heal it back up
- Pray for single targets if possible - good candidates are Gazlowe (soloing mercs), and any pushers

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