Sassy Roller Derby Nova by Kanismajor

Sassy Roller Derby Nova

By: Kanismajor
Last Updated: Jul 26, 2015
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Build: Sassy Roller Derby Nova

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Threats to Nova with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Abathur If you can find him. His abilities can't reach you at max distance from your basic attack.
  No Threat
  No Threat
The Butcher wait this this dude runs, then attack. If he does his dash thing to you, stick around till after he butchers marks you. Butcher's basic run is slow. He'll blow his ability to heal while attacking, while chasing after you.
  No Threat
Johanna I know I know... you wanna chase her... just don't... EVER!!
Tyrael it's not HIM that's the problem... its what he does after he dies that is the problem. His after death explosion will take away 1/4 of your health. OW...
Sonya her spear can make your escapes a pain in the butt.
E.T.C. Stay Away from anyone that can dash... This does NOT include BUTCHER... Butcher sprints, I am talking dash.

If you've spent money on nova... Top

If you've spent money on Nova no doubt you've spent some time with her. Maybe you're out there and you're waiting for an enemy hero's health to go down? Maybe your team got killed and you're the only one left? Nova has a lot of down time sometimes... So, here's a build that can be fun yet be ready to deal the damage that you know is satisfying to deliver.

Generally speaking this Nova build is intended for the long game. SO, if you are lower than 3/4 of your health until level 13 RETREAT RETREAT RETREAT!! You won't be doing any players any favors unless you are at full health or maybe have a healer following you. this healer, would be your number one fan because that would be boring for the healer.

On the map "Cursed Hollow" this build is the absolute best. The tribute spawns on different points on the map lots of points of focus for Nova to show up, stop someone from getting the tribute and run away laughing. Save your decoys for the run away trip but if you do pop them place them directly on you. The 2 second confusion is just enough to get out of range of MOST enemies. ETC, SONYA, TYCHUS, etc... basically anyone who can dash please be cautious of if the other team has them.

NOTE TO ABATHURS: your possession abilities don't affect the cloak... like at all... not even when you attack, they can't see the spikes or the shield. However it DOES make the sound on their end. So, possessing Nova gives you free hits.

Breakdown of Abilities and why/how Top

Conjurer's talent: Think of the sniper in Team Fortress 2. He has to be patient and sits out alone by himself. For Nova in the long game you want to make it so she NEVER HAS TO GO BACK TO BASE. Survival in the wilderness and alone!

Envenom OR Gathering Power: depends on how often you think you're going to die. If you think you're going to die a lot because, maybe there is an ETC, don't take the stacks. Envenom is the safest bet, do this first in your chain of fire.

Cover ops: In... out... you'll need this to help your teammates in a brawl. This is a SLOW ability. let's say a BUTCHER just dashed and placed a butchers mark on your teammate. This will half their attack speed. Maybe long enough for them to get away?

Triple Tap: When your team is hot you wanna make sure they stay hot. You'll wanna make sure you take FAST RELOAD at level 20. because you'll be DAMNED if you let all that hard work go to waste! Warriors, specialists put their ***es on the line for you MAGGOT!! make sure that if they did their jobs and put an enemy down to 1/3 or worse just go! clear line of sight is best but 2 shots will take out most enemies.

Advanced Cloaking: When she cloaks the heals. This combined with the "conjurer's pursuit"... you have no reason to go back to base. EVER! you are now a sassy Independent Woman!!

Crippling shot: well now let's just say that Butcher that I keep mentioning is ON your team. And he does a dash and "butcher's marks" your enemy. Check out this math (Butchers mark (x) + Crippling shot (y) = %75 percent increase in damage for the butcher) butcher can KILL Johanna in less than 6 hits... even after she's popped off all of her abilities... and if she tries to run "TRIPLE TAP".

FAST RELOAD: gotta have it gotta have it. By the time level 16 comes around you'll be dead for a whole minute after you get killed. survive and go after that willing kill. you should have experience with your team enough by now to know when the right time to make the killer blow is.

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