Snipe their brains off ! by Arcite

Snipe their brains off !

By: Arcite
Last Updated: May 14, 2016
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Pure skill guide for Nova snipers !

1st - Advanced Cloaking - that speed burst is life saving also you can chase your victims to their very end.

2nd - Remote Delivery - that because we always need to scout and vex our prey. Holo Stability is also a great choice here. Keep that in mind

3rd - Snipe Master - goes without saying.. the whole build is centered around this one. Duh !

4rt - Tripe Tap - this one is tricky. Depends a lot on the enemy team, but this build is a hero killing oriented build. If so Triple Tap is quite necessary. Take Precision Strike ONLY if you need to crowd control in some matches or if you 100% need to turtle up.

5th - Psionic Efficiency - here we have the logical choice for this build. It's a sniper build so go with this one !

6th -Perfect Shot - less CD more kill. This is a must !

7th - Fast Reload - the most hated and feared. We all know what Nova does when she unleashes this puppy.. But again if you are in a hairy situation.. go for Precision Barrage.

Try it and let me know!

One Shot One Kill !

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