THE NOVA RESET BUILD (100-0) by deathmans


By: deathmans
Last Updated: Nov 4, 2014
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The reset build explained. Top

Hey ladies and gentlemen Deathmans here.
This is my first ever guide i have ever made so please be kind to me,this build focuses on novas ridiculous burst potential as she can literally 100 to 0 nearly any champ with this build. With some champs (ill have to do some testing) using abilities like stealth (R) etc.

Ambush Snipe is the first talent i always take, it gives 20% bonus dmg on your q when you use it to come out of stealth. This in the early game is some serious dmg so if your team are stacking for first blood this allways really helps to get it.

Gathering Power is the second i take passively give you 8% AP? ok thank you very much. Then every kill gives me a bonus 2% till it caps on 12% o hell yeah stealth q-w aa early game kills lets get the ball rolling!

Anti-Armor Shells now makes your basic attack deal 330% but slows your speed x3. Ok this can be very annoying for people but as nova i love to roam in and out of lanes so this is not a pushing build this is a stealth blow you up. With taking this talent you can do a very basic but devistating combo. Literally all you have to do is :Stealth up
q out of stealth
w after your q
Auto attack

Triple Tap is i think the best for the dmg output. Ok this does go on a fairly long CD and you can at this point only use it once but it does tons of dmg mixed with Gathering Power. The biggest thing with this is to stay clear of any enemies that can stop you as this is a channelling ability.

Lethal Decoy This makes your basic combo even better as your holo can deal dmg and help you with securing a kill or bursting someone down. the combo i use after taking this is as follows:
stealth up
E decoy down-This will auto the target 25% dmg
Q out of stealth-This does 20% bonus dmg
w following your q
Auto attack
RUN!!!!! If this doesn't kill <<<<<< this needs to be done.

Overdrive O how i loves this ability hit 1 (or whatever your key-bind is) do your combo, then walk away laughing saying holy s**t he dead.

Fast Reload This is the Pice de rsistance to the combo,if team fights are going well or your trying to solo someone and the combo leaves them on 200 hp dont panic hit R get the killing blow with it and o look its reset and doesn't go on CD. This is what i call the OP of nova today alone i managed to get 3 5 man kills with the resets on nova's R. Just a tip in team fights with your ulti is to wait for the clear shot as people can stand in the line of fire (but atm not allot of people do ) so be patient but be annoying and for petes sake dont just stand there waiting for all your CD's, AA, show your presence, bait them do anything to help yur team.

With all this said and done i would like to thank you for reading my guide, i will be trying to update this so all the dmg can be worked out and the threat levels of each hero.

thanks again and go get yo resets peeps

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