Thrall Lightning Build by Jarleon

Thrall Lightning Build

By: Jarleon
Last Updated: Jan 26, 2015
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Build: Lightning Build

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How to use this build Top

In fights you usually wanna hang around you dont usually wanna be the first to engage. With the increase of range of your chain lightning you can pick off enemies that are trying to escape with low hp. You usually dont want to be taking that much damage. You can take some damage if you can out heal it.

Traits Top

This guide really focuses on using Chain Lightning, and really improves it.

Instead of envenom I would get the trait; Ride the Lightning to help out with his heal, so everytime he uses that against a group of enemies he has the potential of healing by only using one chain lightning.

Also you could get Giant Killer if the team you're fighting against has alot of tanks. But the extra stun really does help.

You could switch out Forked Lightning for Blood for Blood, but the extra stack of chain lightning really helps in fights. Boosts your damage output by a ton.

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