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Thrall Wind Fury

By: GandalfWizard
Last Updated: Aug 8, 2015
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Build: Windfury with support talents

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The Butcher

Description with explanation Top

Welcome, this build is making on Wind Fury Thrall. At 1st talent i load Champions Restitution, if our enemy blink, use invisibility or what else it can do any, we can reach him and finish off him. We can also healing myself from reach and attacking enemy heroes. As 2nd talent I use Spirit Journey. Then we can easier catch our running enemies. At 3rd talent I loading Wind Shear to short CD on Wind Fury and more often use it. At ulti, loading Sundering, what give us stun, damage and we can then easy kill soft hero like a Nova or Valla. Harder is if we have to kill Butcher. At 5th talent we load Grace Of Air to more healing for Wind Fury. At 6th talent we loading Tempest Fury 3 hits in last normal hit by use Wind Fury. Last talent I always loading Nexus Blades for even more damage.

Tactic Top

Now i will descripit how we can very good use it.

After 16 lvl and Tempest Fury we have very great healing. If we use Wind Fury we making 6 attacks- every attack give us 2 points of Frostwolf Resilience. 6x2=12. To make one heal we need 5 points of Frostwolf Resilience. By 12 points we've got 2 heals at 16 lvl it restore 480 HP by one heal. With this, we've got 480x2=960. It's restore 960 HP in maybe 2 sec. With lower CD on Wind Fury we can again heal ourself in short time. With Nexus Blades we making even more damage. It making from us very hard opponent.

Combo: Chain Lightning(Q)-waiting 2-3 sec, Feral Spirit(W)-immediately going to enemy, Wind Fury(E)-turn on when we running to opponent or we can wait, to moment when we have about half of our full hp to effective heal, (optional)Sundering(R), if our enemy is on low and trying to run (if he still alive after ulti, we should have to already Chain Lighting to eventually finish off enemy.

Tactic on Butcher:
Lightning Chain(Q), Feral Spirit(W), Wind Fury(E). When he use Butcher's Brand (W) we trying to run. When Butcher's mark will end, we again trying to kill him. When he will try to run-ulti, Feral Spirit and Chain Lightning should be done with him.

Tactic with teamfight:

On start use ulti on the most making damage heroes (I'm proposition on Butcher, Nova, Valla if they are in enemy team. In next W,E,Q and done. Just don't go 1st to tf - it will easy exclude us from game.

Last Top

Thank You for come to my guide. I want, if You like this build and informations, please give me vote.

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