WickedNova's - (Nova) Build, Burst Assassin by WickedNova

WickedNova's - (Nova) Build, Burst Assassin

By: WickedNova
Last Updated: Jul 1, 2015
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Build: Burst Assasin

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Threats to Nova with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Murky Murky is a very easy target for Nova to take out. Once you reach your power spike around level 16 you should be able to take out Murky instantly.
Brightwing Brightwing does not threaten nova in anyway, but you should not focus brightwing in fights unless you have a clear ult to take him out instantly.
  No Threat
  No Threat
Valla Valla is only a threat to Nova if you play Nova incorrectly. Keep your distance, avoid getting caught in valla's ultimate. And try to let valla waste her (multishot) before engaging.
  No Threat
Kerrigan Kerrigan is a fair match up against Nova, But you must avoid Kerrigans grabs as she can stay on you if she lands it because of your lack of escapes. Once you have your ult you should be able to burst down Kerrigan with no problem.
Chen Chen is not a high threat to Nova, but you should avoid laning against him or focusing him in team fights, as Chen is one of the best heros for absorbing damage.
  No Threat
Diablo Diablo is a very high threat early on because he can toss you into enemy lines, Avoid focusing him down first because he is really tanky early on and only gets stronger if not taken down frequently.
Jaina Jaina can be an easy match up if played incorrectly, but if played passively Jaina can be a strong match up against Nova, You should always drop your decoy first before engaging in attempt of getting Jaina to waste her abilities. Jaina is a squishy target so you should have no problems bursting her down instantly later on.
  No Threat
Zeratul Zeratul is a high threat to this build and guide you should avoid picking Nova into a team that has Zeratul. If you are playing against Zeratul stay with your team at all times and focus bursting him down as quickly as possible if he appears on the map!
Illidan Illidan is also a high threat to Nova, You should also avoid this hero. If you are against him avoid risky engages and always stay with your team mates.
Tyrael Tyrael can be an extremely hard counter to nova if played correctly, you should also avoid picking nova into a team with Tyrael.
Arthas Arthas is a high threat because of his active AOE (Area Of Effect) which can take you out of stealth. You should avoid Arthas at all times and keep your distance. Let your team do the engaging.

Talent Build Break Down Top

Level 1 - For your first talent point you should always pick (Ambush Snipe) The 20% Bonus damage will only increase into the one hit wonders later on.

Level 4 - For your second Tier you should always pick up (Gathering Power) This will allow you to passively gain Ability Power to an amazing 15%! This resets upon death so be careful and avoid deaths.

Level 7 - For your 3rd Tier you should always pick up (Explosive Round) as this is the most effective Talent in this Tier because Nova cannot afford to be out of stealth for too long because your hero offers no escapes and you are completely vulnerable when you are out of stealth.

Level 10 - For your 4th Tier you must pick up (Triple Tap) As this will later on become the highlight of this build.

Level 13 - For your 5th Tier you must pick up (Headshot) As this will reset all your ability coold-downs by 4 seconds allowing you to return to stealth and stack your bonus dmg of (Ambush Snipe) once again.

Level 16 - For your Tier 6 you must pick up (Overdrive) As this will put all your abilities into a over drive state dealing 25% bonus ability damage that last's for 5 seconds and reduces mana cost's. You should always trigger this before using (Triple Tap)

Level 20 - For your last Tier you must pick up (Fast Reload) As this will allow you to have your ult up multiple times threw out the game. If used properly you can gain all 5 resets during team fights.

Everything You Need To Know! For Mastering Nova! Top

This amazing trait is what makes Nova the greatest ranged assassin currently in heros of the storm!
You should use this trait to your advantage threw out the entire game! Use this trait along with (Ambush Snipe) to stay stealth as much as possible and deal bonus damage!
This talent allows you to deal a bonus 20% damage on (snipe)! Use this talent as much as possible, avoid basic attacking early as your basic attacks wont do any significant damage early on. This bonus only works if you use (Snipe) after being stealth for one second.
Gathering Power is an amazing talent as this will allow you to gain an amazing 15% damage bonus to all your abilities! This will stack your damage even further and allow you to start dealing some threatening damage to everyone! You need to help take down other heros to gain this bonus. Each take down will increase it by 5%, upon death this will reset to 5% so be careful and do not over extend!
(Explosive Round) Is an amazing talent choice because it allows your (Snipe) to deal even more damage by damaging surrounding enemies. Use this talent only if you understand how to position your self correctly on the battle field!
(Triple Tap) Will later on become the highlight of your build at level 20. Until then stay focused on helping your team mates and small objectives like camps, and sieges. Remember to avoid using your ultimate if enemy heros are near structures or other possible enemy heros that may be able to position them selfs to take the hits.
(Headshot) Will reduce the cool down of (Snipe) by almost 50%! upon taking down an enemy. This will allow you to deal your 20% bonus damage on (Snipe) wait 3 seconds to enter stealth and use (Snipe) again to gain another amazing 20% bonus damage, This will become even more powerful upon unlocking (Overdrive).
(Overdrive) Will help you deal even more immense amounts of damage to enemy heros! This is an Active skill that you must activate to use, Once you use it all your abilities will deal an extra 25% damage bonus, and cost less mana to cast for the next 4 seconds. Use (Overdrive) before using (Snipe) and enter (Triple Tap) immediately. This will use this active to it's up most effectiveness.
(Fast Reload) This will reset (Triple Tap) Upon taking down the hero you have used it on. Keep awareness of all the enemy heros positioning and focus down one at a time, If you use this at the right time and the enemy hero has no one to block it or structures to hide behind they will die! Avoid using this on heros that have low cool downs on evasive skills or have skills that make them invulnerable focus down the ones that dont first. or use it once they have already used their evasive skills!

Pros & Cons! Top

- Great Burst damage!
- Great Scouting Capabilities!
- Decent Early Damage
- Best At Late Game
- Amazing Range & Vision!
- Offers Decoy's!
- Offers slows!
- Resets On Ultimate!

- No escapes.
- Low health.
- Easy target.
- Late Game Hero.
- Dead If out of Position.
- Ultimate can be easily avoided.

I hope that you have enjoyed this guide! Missing anything? Need further information? Feel free to ask below! I will perfect this guide to its maximum potential to give everyone a great understanding of how to play Nova!

Hello guys and sorry, I have not gotten much time to play recently so sorry for the late delay's on updates!

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