Destructo Missiles Li-Ming Build by TugaLeis

Destructo Missiles Li-Ming Build

By: TugaLeis
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2016
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Threats to Li-Ming with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
The Lost Vikings Three kills, three ults.
Murky Low health, can be bursted quickly
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Anub'arak Annoying to hit because os his bugs
Zagara Try to hit from the sides with the missiles to make a certain 3 hits with missiles
  No Threat
  No Threat
Lunara Quick, can get to you fast
  No Threat
Illidan Can slow and block you. Teleport fast and maintain distance
Greymane Can go to you in a second and dela a lot of dmg. Teleport fast

Talents Top

I choose to pick a set of skills that you can take half an assassins life just using missiles if you user orb and ult you can kill almost everything. Stay far from enemies to deal more dmg with orbs and use teleport fast when in danger.

Level 1 Top

Astral Presence: Gives you constant mana regen to quickly use skills when they reset they're cooldown

Level 4 Top

Triumvirate: You want to make your orbs go as far as possible to increase dmg, and by doing so, with this talent, you decrease its cooldown. Used to make Tal Rasha's Elements easier.

Level 7 Top

Seeker: Boosts your dmg to single targets, try aiming for squishy targets for easy kills. Easier to make effect with the level 16 Mirrorball talent.

Level 10 Top

Disintegrate: Use to hit distant enemies when chasing or bursting. Remember to cancel it if you're in danger. You can use to clear lanes or solo mercenaries, it has only a 20 sec cooldown.

Level 13 Top

Illusionist: Increased escape. Use your increased range to go through walls and get away from fights.

Level 16 Top

Mirrorball: This is the best talent for this build. If you manage to hit all the 5 missiles, while having the Seeker and Tal Rasha's Elements talents you deal over 1000 dmg easily. This is a sure pick talent.

Level 20 Top

Tal Rasha's Elements: Don't worry about cycling through abilities for more dmg, most of the time this talent will be active, giving the fact that you picked other talents to lower cooldown of orb and teleport.

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