Fenix 'Just the tip' Dragoon by Pimpcat

Fenix 'Just the tip' Dragoon

By: Pimpcat
Last Updated: May 19, 2018
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Build: Fenix 'laser of death'

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Threats to Fenix with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
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Abathur Abathur's mines can easily remove your shields and leave you vulnerable
Li Li An annoying Lili can make sure she is constantly putting blind on you, basically disabling your auto attack for a short period.
  No Threat
  No Threat
Lunara a pretty good Lunara player will remove your shields with poison, her jump over your head is one to be careful about.
Chen It's not that Chen is a large threat per-say, but it's that he's extremely annoying to fight 1v1, you really don't have enough damage early on to even crack his chug a lug shield without additional help and I've seen Chen players do some pretty good damage.
Chromie Chromie can be threatening, make sure to use your teleport at the last moment, just before you are about to be time warped and this will help you tremendously in surviving since it cancels it because it can't warp you in mid blink. TIMING IS KEY
Sgt. Hammer can be hard to get to before she removes all of your shields to get you in range of your Q, a team is needed or a proper surprise.
Nazeebo Not only does he do a lot of damage if he hits you with his spiders, but if he gets you in his zombie circle, he can really decimate your shields and burn through your health.
Varian Varian is made to counter Fenix, once he hits level 13 he can get Shattering Throw which is on a 30 second cooldown, specifically for doing enormous amounts of damage to shields, on top of that he has two charges and high output damage. If you've ever felt helpless, it's because Varian is in the game with you
Illidan This takes a lot of work but you can beat Illidan, overall in team fights though if he sticks on you and you don't have proper support or a tank to help, you will probably end up in trouble. This is one of the most annoying champs to play against because you will have to utilize splash damage in lane on creeps and back away as he gets near you.

Quick Introduction Top

I'm a Fenix player that mainly plays Fenix in quickmatch, so when using this guide I would hope that you aren't looking at it from a ranked play viewpoint. I have been playing MOBA's since Starcraft I (Aeon of Strife) so I'd like to believe I still hold some experience and knowledge when playing these types of games.

The purpose of this guide is to go over quickly what I personally think is the best build for Fenix. I will justify all the talents and how they all perfectly synergize together. I will also provide alternate talents based on situation (though rarely do I deviate from the build).

What this guide is not
This guide is not to teach you the fundamentals of stutter stepping, positioning, hero roster, or any other fundamental's game mechanics that can be learned over the course of playing 10-20 games.

Synergy Top

This build relies on it's synergy between your abilities and talents. They all work beautifully together and each talent aims to further compliment your core abilities and further your talents making this the most optimized build I've seen for Fenix.

offers 25% slow for 4 seconds every time it hits an enemy and with the coupling of At level 1, it offers insanely high damage for poke/sustain and semi-burst when you get at level 7. This slow from your works beautifully with at level 4 which gives you up to 40% speed for 4 seconds when using for chasing/poking/fleeing heroes. When they are just out of range, you can switch over to allowing you to take the last hit.

at 13 gives you 20% increase in shields at the loss of 10% health but also offers 15% of attack damage from to regenerate your shields. This works perfectly with at level 16 because even if your Shield Capacitor is depleted, you only need one / to bring back your shields without waiting the five seconds. is basically always active as long as you are shooting and not immediately losing that shield gained, so poking with allows you to still do that additional 15% damage without totally fleeing.

This is all nicely complimented by level 20 with which gives you 100% increased attack speed on your and increased poke/range on your

Abilities Top

Plasma Cutter is your main weapon of poke as well as escape. You can use it to slow enemies running from you and you can use it to help save allies or yourself. This gives you probably 50-60% of all your damage so it's very important that you get use to stutter stepping and landing this based on the enemy movement. Some smart enemies will know to move closer to Fenix but this actually puts them closer to your

Repeater cannon is another source of your main DPS, it's rate of fire and the damage it offers tears through both heavy tanks and squishies alike. Sometimes you might find yourself with a tank in between you and their damage, that's not a problem with a well placed and Repeater Cannon, and even then, you can still doing great damage with it alone.

Phase bomb is amazing for clearing creep waves and poking from a distance. It provides poke to back-line creeps and harassing enemy heroes, allowing you to seal the deal and kill them. You'll find yourself changing constantly from this and . You'll also use when you need a last hit on an enemy hero that is just out of range of

This is a pretty good escape if used correctly, it goes a good distance and can be targeted outside terrain, if you're not careful a good enemy will be waiting for your to trigger this and will interrupt it, leaving you really screwed. This is good for chasing if need be but mainly for escaping. Keep in mind that you can escape a lot of things with this, including butcher's charge, chromies time warp (if used JUST BEFORE you are about to warp and not earlier).


This section of my guide will go over your role as Fenix and how to play him and as an aggressive carry. I think Fenix can tango with just about any hero and has not only survivability but I would consider one of the best sustain/hybrid burst assassins in the game.

Early game : Taking Top or Bottom lane is ideal, you can basically go head-to-head with anyone and come out unscathed if you know who you are playing against. Your is your biggest source of poke, coupled with switching from Weapon modes. Your is a great source for long range poke and for clearing creep waves. It's especially easy to poke the back lane of creeps with since it does splash damage and you can safely poke them at all points of the lane. Watch your mini-map and if you happen to kill your lane enemy and you see that all enemy heroes are in lane, you can unleash devastating siege damage.

Mid game : Early - mid game is where things get fun, you start to really shine with your team assuming that you have a decent enough comp, you should be able to kill at least two heroes in a team fight without dying, of course this is all situational but the best advice I can give is to be observant of where everyone is in the team fight. Positioning with Fenix is so key, and paying attention to what your team and their team is doing is vital. I've gone as far as diving enemy assassins and still getting away but I tend to caution against doing this unless you are playing with others friends who are competent players. You should be able to capture smaller camps by 7-10 (golems and rush goblins).

Late game: By now, you should be stomping the enemy team and they will probably be wanting to focus you for always being that pesky robot that shoots pew pew lasers of death at them. It's obviously important to not get caught on your own but to be with your team, team fights are key and there isn't too much to say here other than try not to die. By level 13-16 you should be able to kill Knights camp on your own, you can do this by killing two knights ( the small wizard and one big knight ) and then you can back off and let your shield recharge and kill the remaining two easily.

Extra important notes:
There are a few things to note that I want to bring up, you should constantly be switching from both your weapon modes, the is made for close range combat and steady sustain so it's perfect for tearing through health for tanks. The is perfect for chasing targets that are out of range or when is on cool-down and a hero is running from you.

One other very important thing is to take advantage of your environment, not only for blink but also for . provides splash damage that is amazing for indirect poke, you can hit creep waves in the back line to bring your enemy heroes health down, you can also shoot at an enemy structure to get a last hit when they think they've made it to safety.

Talents & Description's Top

I've found that gaining that extra laser beam allows for nearly endless harassment and a crazy amount of additional damage. Not only do you gain an extra plasma cutter cast, but you also up it's damage. This ability also slows people that you hit and this is KEY for chasing and escaping.

So already at level 4 we are Synergizing with our level 1 talent, Fenix get's an increase movement speed to both poke and to escape as he attacks heroes with repeater cannon. This gives you 40% increase speed which is a lot, especially for 4 seconds. I've found this to be so versatile in chasing and for escaping that I can't see myself getting any other talent. Of course you have to hit someone with your Plasma cutter but if you aren't doing that then you need to try harder.

By now you can see where this build is going, the SYNERGY IS THROUGH THE ROOF!. Combat advantage gives you 40% more damage to slowed targets. WHAT!!!!!!. So basically you gain an additional initial laser when you complete the level 1 quest and this counts as your 3rd laser. This is all assuming that you don't have other teammates who provide slow.
gives you
- Upward to 60 base damage
- an extra 3rd circle wave
- 25% slow for 4 seconds

This ultimate is just cool, way cooler than Purification, this offers Fenix global/long range assassination and a multi versatile ultimate. Planet cracker has so many more uses than Purification and I find myself rarely being interrupted if you know how to place yourself in team fights, while Purification always requires me to be very close and is easily interrupted, leaving you with this "I'm about to BLOW MY BIG LOAD ALL OVER THAT...oh wait... blue balls." It's rare that I ever go Purification.

- Global ult ( you can assist allies when they are getting in a fight without you )
- You can pick off low heroes if they just barely 'escape'
- It can be used to divide the enemy team from each other
- Destroys creep waves for maps like Braxxis holdout
- Combo's well with








and Gazlowe's

Of course you might be saying "Hey Pimpcat, Purification can work with all of these ultimate's as well". I would say you are not wrong, but the points I've made above further point out the versatility of

Now there is a time and place for this ultimate and it's for those times where you feel like every hero on their team has a blink or escape of some sort. It becomes more difficult to find these types of team comps grouped up and might become more useful to use this since that probably means they are all squishy.

This works so damn well with your level 13 talent and your level 20 talent. This will always play into effect because your attacks will generate shield for you and in turn make the regen much quicker assuming you are just poking from a distance with your team acting as a barrier between you and them.

All of his level 20 talents are good but I tend to lean towards Singularity, the 100% attack speed on Repeater Cannon and 2.5 increase range on Phase Bomb is invaluable to me. Repeater cannon is your bread and butter, it does more damage at a fast rate and can tear through tanks and squishes alike, having it increased by 100% is INSANELY AWESOME.

I find myself getting this talent if their team is full of poke or bullies, if I find that I'm dying often because I just can't get away or engage and find myself dying, this talent will really help. I've gotten away when people think they have gotten the last tick on my health and then find to be disappointed to see that I survived.

I tried this a few times and found that while it is a good alternative to Singularity, I was finding the damage output to be way more noticeable from on top of the fact that Repeater Cannon works with

Total added damage
Level 1 talent - 60 additional flat damage to Plasma Cutter and one extra beam of cutter
Level 7 talent - 40% increased damage to Plasma cutter when an enemy is slowed
Level 16 talent - 15% increased damage when any amount of shields from his own shield
Level 20 talent - 100% increased attack speed (base damage increased by 200%) on Repeater Cannon

Enemy heroes and how to play against them as Fenix Top

I feel that it's important that I go over a few enemy heroes which I've had a challenge facing and have actually felt nearly crippled fighting against.

Let's begin


Varian will most likely to start, at that point he will probably throw his on you which will decimate you. He could also start in reverse and throw the sword first and then charge you. I've had both happen and you don't want to be around for either. You're going to want to have to consider team comp, yours and theirs, if you have a competent healer ( at level 13 you should know whether or not they are keeping you alive ). You can consider picking up either or . Also at level 20, is a MUST. If you have a Tank on your team, you need to make them aware that they need to pull Varian off of you, if you have a healer on your team, you need to absolutely make them aware that they need to keep you alive through the onslaught that is Varian.

Illidan is hard to tango with, he has fast auto attacks that can get through your shields fast, on top of that if you don't hit your on him ( and even if you do ) his will allow him to constantly stay on you, endlessly. He's best fought in lane, where you can poke his creep wave with and allow yourself to bring him down. You're going to want to stay next to your towers, even then he can still dive you for a short period with .

This. Wont. Be. Easy.

In team fights, you need to hug your teammates or make them aware that Illidan has a huge raging ***** for you, again with a good healer and a good tank to peel Illidan from you, you should be fine. If you don't have either, you'll find yourself being taken away from the fight.

This is the end, my friend Top

I feel like this build is meant for aggressive play style, I tend to find myself chasing people down and when they finally decide to turn around, I run away and poke them. It's such an annoying thing to have to deal with, and the slow and chase capability of Fenix is unrivaled to any other assassin in the game.

Send me a message here if you want and if I need to correct or improve anything with my guide, let me know, I'm always open to comments.


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