Glass Cannon Missiles by Cryosin

Glass Cannon Missiles

By: Cryosin
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2016
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Build: Glass Cannon

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Threats to Li-Ming with this build

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Illidan Double Gap melee brawlers with good gap closer: Illidan, Kerrigan etc.
Kerrigan If enemy team has two gap closers/melee assassins, this build is extremely risky. Advise using a blink build.

Rotation + Strategy Top

Time your Q and W perfectly so they sink up and everything hits the target at the same time.

After you press Q + W, press R and follow the target.

After that you can blink Q+W if the target is still alive. Blink because they are definitely running away.

It's pretty straightforward, but you need to have perfect position and perfect aim for it to work. If you can pull it off, no one can stop you and you can free kill everyone on the enemy team!

mastering the distnace of your Q so all the missiles hit is key. Ignore trying to max range your W, its all about your Q.

Tier 1 Level 1 Top

This is the best scaling talent. It is useful throughout the game in every situation.
I also likeif you are sneaky and using it to engage/disengage. It depends on enemy team setup.

The others are okay, but I like Force Armor since it lets you 1v1. It blocks just enough damage for you to get away. If you are in a bad spot, you are pretty much dead anyway.
is very good early, but is uselss late gatme. MOST games go to level 20, which is why I dont like this talent. The other mana talent is just bad, dont ever pick it.

Tier 2 Level 4 Top

Requires you to auto. You rarely do, and it's unsafe. Especially with this build.

Rarely ever is worth it. The small percentage chance it works out isn't worth the actual pick:
Very underrated talent. Gaining that extra health, on top of the first pick, will let you survive just the right amount of damage to do your burst and live.

Tier 3 Level 7 Top

This is the key to the build. One thing that's interesting about this talent, is it doesn't go away if it procs. Meaning, it can go off on Multiple enemies.

When you getlater it becomes amazing in team fights, and goes off almost everytime. If you land all 5 missiles + your orb its basically 80-90% of non-tank champions HP.

Tier 4 Level 10 Top

Although there is a debate of whether you can grab this or, this issue is thatis only good with the level 20 talent, andis simply way too good not to get. So we get this talent instead. It also lines up very well with your Q-W combo with 5 missiles.

Tier 5 Level 13 Top

Because you got some tanky talents in the beginning, and because you are actually good and know how to position properly ;D, this talent is just completely banana's. Your 5 missiles + W combo is absurd damage.

Tier 6 Level 16 Top

Wombo combo!

Tier 7 Level 20 Top

this is the best talent you can get.


Press Q and W at teh same time, then channel your Ult.

If for some reason the target is alive(ie: you missed), press Q + W again.

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