It's MingLee by Geryon

It's MingLee

By: Geryon
Last Updated: Feb 3, 2016
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Intro Top

Heyo!! As you can see this is a "bit of everything" build that surprisingly worked well for me in the PTR.. This build gives you burst, wave clear and big burst potential.

Abilities and playstyle Top

Spamming your abilities while getting resets from your passive is what you're gonna be doing in every game so taking Astral Presenceat lvl 1 is a must since it gets rid of your mana issues.

Ess of Johanis the talent that will set up your Q+E combo which will do insane damage combined with the Tal Rasha's Elementstalent at lvl 20 ..

Calamity and Illusionistare the best tier 3 and 5 talents you can pick up.. The first gives you wave clear and its a must for your burst combo. illusionist will give you both mobility and survivability especially against burst comps.

I wouldn't pick Wave of Force in any situation so Disintegrateis your default option in any game in my opinion.

As for FireFliesthe cooldown reduction and speed increase of the missiles are great for you so that you can land your spell easier.. way easier..

Thats is all folks, I hope it works well for you as it did with me

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