Li - Ming, Close range by Silverfall

Li - Ming, Close range

By: Silverfall
Last Updated: Feb 10, 2016
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Build: Calamity & Mayhem

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Introduction Top

The D3 Wizard has arrived and she packs a punch. This build is a close range/Anti-Melee centric build with potential to have a large impact on team fights while also surprising that Zeratul that thought he could jump in and own you.

The pivotal thought behind this build is utilizing calamity/Wave of Force/Ess of Johan Arcane Orbs to keep your opponents off balance. Other benefits of the build include clearing Zagara Creep, Ambushing and disrupting Abathur shenanigans. People who think they have gotten away will be unpleasantly surprised to find you teleporting into them for the kill. Early game poke is powerful with an already long range casting repertoire.

The most important part of playing this build for me.......... its fun as hell. You can cause a serious amount of Mayhem with this.

Level 1 Top

Astral Presence:
Your options here are fairly limited due to the sheer amount of mana you could potentially move through during this. Astral presence will definitely increase your field presence and reduce the trips you need to make to the well.

Force Armor: Secondary to astral presence and specifically if you feel the need to be more defensive.

Level 4 Top

Ess of Johann: The pull in mechanic behind this talent will serve as an interrupt, a very brief stppage in movement and keep the enemy within range for calamity or wave of force. its also handy for gathering creeps for a quick lane clear

Dominance: Once again, specifically on survival dependent situations where you feel you need to be less squishy.

Level 7 Top

Calamity - Teleport to your destination (short range) and do damage. Not many melee or assassin style heroes will expect you to blink into them for a chunk of damage.

Level 10 Top

Ultimate love here. Two choices

Wave of Force: Won't be popular with a lot of people but it does increase the ranged control capabilities in your teams arsenal.

Disintegration: It is sometimes advantageous to take this ultimate over wave of force in situations where you need your target to remain in a specific area longer.... Disintigrate has range and with the lvl 20 talent

Level 13 Top

Illusionist: This talent provides an extra teleport opportunity upon an amount of damage taken. In the event you are hit by a large amount of damage it provides you another

Glass cannon: Provides extra damage at the cost of reduced survivability. Really only wanna take this in extreme situations where you are like... 4+ levels ahead with no chance of loss.

Level 16 Top

Diamondskin - No other choice. Survivability in the form of a shield when you teleport in to unleash hell is what this talent is for.... Its almost required.

Level 20 Top

Tal'Rasha - Yeah. This is is your choice. Its a strong talent if you are capable of rotating your abilities well.

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