Li-Ming Missile Storm by WolfPancake21

Li-Ming Missile Storm

By: WolfPancake21
Last Updated: Feb 18, 2016
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Build: Li-Ming Missle Storm

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This build helps Li-Ming to improve her missiles since that is her primary ability, not to mention the one with the least amount of cool down. Since these missiles have a longer range and do the same damage at any distance, these are ideal for someone who is looking to do a lot of hit and run attacks. This build works on almost any map and helps out a lot when there is a powerful mercenary or map bonus coming your way since you can quickly deal damage while keeping your distance from them. The only down fall with this build is the missiles will hit someone of something else if it is in the way, so make sure you have good aim and/or maneuverability to be able to hit your target while not getting targeted. Some times it is better to do a lot of little damage at one time, than to do massive damage or a period of time.

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