Li-Ming my prefer Build by PipZTaicho

Li-Ming my prefer Build

By: PipZTaicho
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2016
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Build: Auto-Sustain

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First One Top

Sorry guys if i dont completley explain.. first time here i will be learning now on on how to do a proper Build.

Since Li-Ming appearde i have been using this build always... a 60% win rate with it.. pretty decent in my opinion.

The stornges part of the build is the level 13 and 16 synergy you drop 15% of your hp but with talent 16 you gain an instan "Hardened Shield" also with "Dominance" every kill you get 25% hp, so if you can start get kills you will be unstopable, a max of 250% extra hp in a team wipe, if you facing Murky or Vikings that rocket scales.

In dmaage output the only one that have out-damaged me constantly is naz but only when we pass level 20 before the heroe damage inclusive siege damage is for Li-Ming.

Hope you like this build. Aslo using the force wave as 10 protects you form the "new" zera and and can disrupt other ults, like other Li-ming and Mosh pit.

Between 13 and 16 you are really exposed so need tto pick fights really carefull.
Well thats it for me hope you liked it. And ill try to improve this so thank you for reading.

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