Li-Ming Poke Champ by Leyzar

Li-Ming Poke Champ

By: Leyzar
Last Updated: May 22, 2017
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Build: Arcane Glasscannon

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Introdution Top

Hey all,

I´m fairly new to HotS, I played during Beta and sadly quit this Game due to diffrent reasons. I think all of you know the pain of grinding during the old 1.0 version of this game. Which was the main reason for me to stop playing it. But with 2.0 Blizzard make some great improvments. Getting a bunch of Heros to start of is great for beginners. Your are not reliant on Hero rotation, when ur Fav hero is gone and you need to find a new one for repeating this for weeks until you have enough Gold to finally buy one.

I´m not a native speaker so be patient even if my english is not the best I try my best. To provide some useful Informations here since it looks like this site is lacking on activity. Many Guides seem outdated.

When to consider this Build and why? Top

This Build is purely focused on poke damage. You will need some Global awarness to play this Build, also you should not consider this Build when you face an stealthed Assasin in the enemys team. Simply because you probably wont see them coming and you will probably die instandly. by that means -> everything you can see, you can deal with.

Key aspect of this Build is to force your opponent to be agressive, due to the Talent choices stay passive means for your opponent to be poked to death, soon or late he will die. You have high range with this build and incredible strong damage.

Suggested Playstyle Top

Early Game

Stay near your towers and simply using your Q and E to mainly poke your opponent. Use Q and E also to check bushes, never ever facecheck bushes you will most likly take a **** ton of damage or worst case you die. You have super high range with your abilitys so use them. Constantly poking your opponent will force him eighter to go back and heal or use health fountain to heal. If you can´t directly poke your opponent because he trys to stay safe behind minions. Try to throw yourr orbs into his turrents constantly doing this will force him to start playing more aggressive.

Mid/Late Game

Try to maintain your early game playstyle. When it comes to a Teamfight stay back make sure you are on max range to hit your orbs they will do more damage based on travel time. Anticipating movement paths helps a lot. You should use your Ultimate as a Gapcloser. Knowing when to use it can make the difference in a Teamfight since your passive trait reset all your cooldowns.

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