Li-Ming Queen of Range by Asghart

Li-Ming Queen of Range

By: Asghart
Last Updated: Feb 9, 2016
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Build: Range Power Build

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Li-Ming Well, I don't think that is very helpful to say whats your worth enemy on the field. If you face them, you'll know it right a way. Anyhow, I will try to give indications over time.
The Butcher If he's next to you, you better use your port to escape. But thats difficult.
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When I first saw a video from Blizzard about Li-Ming I absolutely wanted to play her and gave her a try. The only problem for me was, that I haven't played an Assassin well, exept for Raynor. So I wasn't confident to play her well. Anyhow, I gave her a try... What can I say? It was a good one! :-)

After trying out some builds that I found on the internet I tried to figure my owne kind of way to level her. This is what came out and I think it's kinda fun playing it.

This build is focusing on Li-Mings range abilities, backed by some mana regeneration and support to your team.

So let's start with the abilities and why I chose them.

Tier 1:

For Tier 1 I chose Astral Presence as it gives you a great regeneration of your mana while below half of it. It tried Power Hungry which particularly is a great a ability if you are finding these little power globes, but if not, well tough luck! You're oom. The good thing about Astral Presence is, it refills your mana pool while moving on the map. And believe me, you need a lot of it!

So, first pick is Astral Presence

Tier 2:

For Tier 2 I chose Charged Blast which pushes your damage of your basic attacs by 87 (+4% per level). Sound less? It isn't and it gives you a good boost on closer distance. As an alternative you can try Triumvirate, which gives you a great cooldown reduction.

So, second pick is Charged Blast.

Tier 3:
For Tier 3 I chose Zei's Vengeance. It will boost your damage the farther your target is away from you. By 25% which is alot, I think. If you're on a far distance to a group of enemies and you're casting this nice little blue bubble, you can hold them at bay very easy. An alternative to Zei's Vengeance would be Seeker, but think Zei's Vengeance is more fun to play.

So, third pick is Zei's Vengeance.

Tier 4:
Tier 4 is an easy choice: Disintergate
There's no alternative to this. It's a great power beam which you can combine greatly with Temporal Flux in Tier 7. More on this later on.

Tier 5:

As Tier 5 I chose Cannoneer. In my opinion it's the best pick in this tier as 75% more damage on basic attacks is huge! Glass Cannon boosts your abilities damage by 15% but the name reflects its programme! You're fragile as glass. Li-Ming doesn't have much life, if you're reducing it by 15% you must be quite confident about your gaming abilities. You can try it, but I don't like it. Illusionist is not an option in my opinion as the gain of distance of your ports isn't as good as you may have expected.

So, fifth pick is Cannoneer.

Tier 6:

Well, thats a difficult pick, as you have to chose between three great improvements. My choice is Arcane Orbit as it works greatly with Zei's Vengeance and 1500 damage with one hit is a massive impact. Nonetheless, you can try Fireflies and Mirrorball as well. Even Diamond skin can be a good one if it saves your life while being in a dangerous situation on the battlefield.

So, pick six ;-) is Arcane Orbit.

Tier 7:
At the momement I'm playing with Tal Rasha's Elements as it boost your damage by 20% but Temporal Flux might be a great alternative as you slow down your oponents by 60% while hitting them with Disintegration. Your doing great damage plus having a great CC effect on them. So both would be fine picks.

ATM I go with Tal Rasha's Elements

If you're playing Li-Ming there might be other ways to play her, but this build is one easy way to do a lot of damage on the field. The only thing you should always keep in mind is to stay on distance to your enemies.
Movement could be a helpful ability as well, but that's the same for all chars you're playing Heros of the Storm.

Finally, I hope you like my guide and are having fun with it.

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