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OP Ping Ming

By: Arihuss
Last Updated: May 5, 2016
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Threats to Li-Ming with this build

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Thrall root and self healing, yes, this guy can stand against you 1v1 though after wind fury u can easily scape from him
The Butcher With the addition of silence to his ult, this guy can combo his charge and ult to chop your sexy body and rape you
Illidan He can stick to you really hard and with his self healing, u wont be able to beat this guy 1v1

Why playing Ming Top

With the entrance of OP Tracer to the Nexus, Ming has been more available to play again at League since initial bans tend to be Tracer, KT or Illidan

If you haven't tied her yet, you are losing the chance to have some easy kills and wins

You have to consider that Ming requieres and smart gameplay style in order to be effective, this means you have to always be aware of your positioning, enemy team abilities (if stealth, heavy CC, heavy AA) and enemy positioning in order to avoid being surprised

Can fit to any team comp and maps available
Can teleport in order to avoid several skill shots and ults
Can deal heavy dmg to heroes and forts from far away
Can reset abilities and deal more dmg if an enemy hero is killed

low health pool
ability-based, which causes mana problems and low AA dmg
vulnerable when on CD

Talent Breakdown Top

Tier 1

since ming is an ability based hero, you may want to have mana at all times in order to cast your abilities when required, hence, the most valuable option (despite being nerfed) is Astral presence. As a second option u may consider power hungry in maps like Pirate Bay or Spider Queen Tomb, however, it has the inconvenience to not being helpful during TF or chasing/scaping, where you may need that extra passive-regen of Astrasl Presence

Tier 2

I used to take a lot Triumvirate to use more frequently orb but i noticed that not always hit heroes on proper distance in order to benefit of lower CD. For dominance, i see no benefit from extra heal when your job is to deal dmg always from backline in order to avoid being killed. Hence, i lately have been trying charged blast and works so well to clear lanes but also deal extra dmg to heroes and forts, so yes, this has to be the go-option most of the time

Tier 3

Calamity is the best option since it helps you to clear waves more easily and increase your Total siege dmg. Also pairs well with illusionist and diamond skin to be able to be in melee range and get more kills (and then cast it again for more dmg to remaining enemy heroes). Seeker has the problem to actually hit all 3 missiles and Zei, as well as triumvirate, requries to hit a long skillshot in order to improve your overall dmg

Tier 4

Disintegrate is the best option, even when heroes can scape, has a simmilar effect as Fenix from KT and Hyperion from Raynor: enemies will just try to avoid it at any cost, even when they are with +half health. It is fun to have wave of force and then get Archon at last tier in order to have both ults, but in competitive most o the time you will have to take disintegrate

Tier 5

Since the nerf to Illusionist, you may not take advantage of second use since dmg has been increased, however, the increase of range is invaluable for scapes as most of the time you will be the primary objective.
Also this can help you to get some extra kills (with calamity). If you feel your team needs more dmg and you are most likely ignored, then consider to take cannonneer and at last glass cannon (since it makes yuo really vulnerable and a pyro from KT can insta kill you even with full health)

Tier 6

Since you are still a primary target and also to improve your sustain, diamond skin is the option to even tank some dps from a teammate or just being able to stay more close to get those skillshots. If you feel no need for extra sustain, give it a try to other options based on enemy comp (e.g. Arcane orbit can help to deal with srg. Hammer)

Tier 7

Based also on what your team needs, you may want to change the option of last tier, however, a 10% fixed for all abilities is the safe option to deal more dmg

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