OUTDATED. For Those That Like Skillshots - Magic Missle Build by Hoppizilla

OUTDATED. For Those That Like Skillshots - Magic Missle Build

By: Hoppizilla
Last Updated: Feb 18, 2016
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Threats to Li-Ming with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
  No Threat
Jaina Can Stasis out of combo.
Nova Not nearly as scary. R.I.P. I have mostly replaced you with Li-Ming. TT_TT
Kael'thas Pyroblast could be troublesome with Glass Cannon.
Sonya Leap can be scary.
Brightwing Polymorph, man...
Muradin Not nearly as scary. R.I.P.
The Butcher Lamb to Slaughter would be terrible.
Tyrael Judgement can be horrible.
Stitches Gorge is quite scary. Beware his hook, but if you are in the back it shouldn't be a problem.
Lunara Lunara is a huge threat to this build because you do not have Dominance. Also, she can get out of Disintegrate.
Kerrigan Surprisingly tanky and scary. If you get grabbed, you will probably die.
Sylvanas Wailing Arrow. Silence is bad.
Tychus Tychus doesn't care about your Ess of Johan.
Diablo Diablo is very able to get to Li-Ming. Also Apocalypse destroys a Li-Ming who is channeling.
Johanna Very able to engage Li-Ming and lock her down.
Li-Ming Well, obviously, lol.
Greymane Can burst you from full to dead. Really quickly.
Zeratul Very scary.
E.T.C. If E.T.C. gets you in Mosh Pit, you are DONE.
Malfurion Twilight Dream. Silence is bad.
Thrall Thrall's Sundering ult is the bane of Li-Ming's existence.

Tips for playing Li-Ming Top

Really, you need to keep in mind only a few things:

Stay in the back. Use your Teleport (E) sparingly and be cautious when using it offensively. You can use it to go over small walls, but not any terrain walls (with out an upgrade).

Your Arcane Orb (W) has a long cooldown. With this build especially, use it only when you believe you can get a kill.

Be aware that you can cancel Disintegrate (R) by pressing (R) again to survive in case of dire emergency. However, be careful not to spam the cancel too much, as you can accidentally re-activate it if you got a takedown.

How this build works: Top

Talent at Level 1: Astral Presence

When laning ends and you are running everywhere in the mid to late game, I have not run out of mana with this talent.

Talent at Level 4: Ess of Johan

This talent is in my opinion quite broken. The amount or crowd control you receive from this talent at Level 4 is ridiculous. When using this talent with other Heroes (E.T.C. for example) it has amazing synergy. That all being said, you really only need this talent for the next level talent.

Talent at Level 7: Seeker

This talent is what makes Li-Ming tick in my opinion (excluding her trait). Since Ess of Johan brings enemies into ITS CENTER, grabbing this talent makes you do a lot of damage. If you fire your Arcane Orb (W) and target the same exact area with your Magic Missile (Q), it is almost guaranteed to proc Seeker. You can tell when you hit this talent because there is a sound effect when it procs. Also, since the range of Magic Missile is currently beyond tower and fort range, this will dramatically increase your siege harassment.

Talent at Level 10: Disintegrate

For your completed combo, fire this ult off exactly as you did with the (W) and (Q) combo.

Talent at Level 13: Glass Cannon

This might be a risky move for players that are not used to proper positioning. However, Li-Ming has absurd range and so long as your front line has been doing its job, this will dramatically increase your damage. You also have the Teleport (E) for sticky situations.

Talent at Level 16: Mirrorball

Interestingly, this talent will proc Seeker an additional 2 times if all 5 missiles hit the target. You will notice this most dramatically when taking a boss or other mercenary camps. Of course, if you manage to hit a squishy character with all 5 missiles there is a pretty good chance they die, which is greatly satisfying (and amusing).

Talent at Level 20: Temporal Flux

The additional slow from this talent is a huge game changer. If you are doing your job and staying in the back, you are a great asset to your team, and even if you don't outright kill your targets, your team should be able to.

Comments Top

Let me know what you think, or if you have any other suggestions.


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