!Outdated! Versatile wizard by Kunero

!Outdated! Versatile wizard

By: Kunero
Last Updated: Feb 24, 2016
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Build: Versatile wizard

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Patch-Changes Top

After the recent patch this build is no longer possible due to the removal of "Ess of Johan"

The Story of Li-Ming Top

Li-Ming was tutored at the young age of 7, by Isendra (the Diablo 2 Sorceress). It was from Isendra that Li-ming learned to dismiss warnings of magic, and saved the city of Lut Bahadur from drought at the age of 16 by calling down rain. The attention received had Isendras influence on Li-Ming noticed, which led to her being targeted and Assassinated. Li-Ming concluded that Isendras death was unnatural and after confrontations with the Sanctums leader, she defeated him in battle and left at the age of 19 where she ventured to New Tristram, pursuing the sight of a fallen star.

Word of advice. Top

Li-Ming is a pretty badass Wizard, hailing from the Diablo series. Now as badass as she might be she's a bit squishy and her missiles can be tricky to aim and land. However just master her Magic Missiles and you don't have to worry about enemies getting to you, because her range is a good strong point.
Position is key when it comes to making all missiles hit your target and this can be tricky, but not impossible.
With this build I'll go over the basics on how to make it all come together so that you can be truly versatile on the battlefield.

Talents Top

Ever looked at someone playing in a game and thought "How can I get that good?"
Well, in seven simple steps I'll lead you to the path of victory!

Alright, at first level you go with the "Astral Presence"
With this you don't really need to worry about your mana, and you'll be able to dish out spells as soon as the cooldown ends.

At lvl 4 you want to pick "Ess of Johan"
This will pull the enemy heroes into the center of the orb, setting them up for a kill shot.
Simply put, this makes enemies an easy target for you and your teammates!

Once you get to lvl 7 go with "Seeker"
Magic missiles is your bread and butter here, so you want to max damage with this,adding more damage, what's not to love? You'll be taking down enemies and towers in no time at all. Just remember that you need to make all hits count, so aim carefully.

Once lvl 10 rolls in go with "Disintegrate"
Firing your laser and watching the enemies health tick down is really satisfying. With the short cooldown you can blast this into minion waves as well in order to clear them out faster.

At lvl 13 chose "Glass Cannon"
Don't worry about the 15% decrease to your health, because that is added to your AP so you'll be taking the enemy down faster then they can burst you.

Nearing max lvl at 16 take "Mirrorball"
Once again, the Magic missiles are your bread and butter, with added damage and more missiles to fire the enemy goes down in no time!

Finally at lvl 20 we go with "Temporal Flux"
With this any enemy trying to make their escape is slowed down and ready to be killed.
Using this in a teamfight will make them easy targets for your own team mates.

Disclaimer Top

Please note! This is just my personal preference when it comes to playing Li-Ming.

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