Post-Nerf Ultra Burst by JohnnyDes

Post-Nerf Ultra Burst

By: JohnnyDes
Last Updated: Mar 20, 2016
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Build: Sustained Missile Assassin

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Sustained Missile Assassin Top

This build is meant to maximize DPS output while maintaining decent mana and health levels. To note, this build works best with a team with good peels; at the very least, you'll need solid positioning to capitalize on 1) the missile damage and 2) the glass cannon talent (which increases damage output but decreases your health pool). The play style of this build is more along the lines of KT and Jaina in that you have a lot of burst. In addition, positioning is key to this build (in contrast, the teleport build allows you to stay alive even with poor positioning). The teleport build is great against dive teams but this build presented here, in my opinion, is stronger late game and helps you finish and win games more easily.

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