Screw the Q! More Pew Pew! by llamazerg

Screw the Q! More Pew Pew!

By: llamazerg
Last Updated: Jan 28, 2015
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Tyrande is Support - DAMAGE Support Top

This build is meant to really help you and the other heroes around you maximize their damage.

For Tyrande, her attack speed is greatly increased when using True Shot Aura and Huntress' Fury. Add in her Searing Arrows, and she can burst out a fair amount of damage while a hero is has the Hunter's Mark on them. With other heroes around her, you can really burst down any front line hero without getting overextended.

Either Level 10 Talent can work. I tend to do Starfall more often, as the Sentinel can provide most of your vision needs. On a map like Garden of Terror or Blackheart's Bay, Shadowstalk usually works out better for knowing where people are. And if you need vision or know where the other team's stealthers are, then you can always go with Shadowstalk instead.

I tend to go with Lunar Blaze at Level 13, only because of the increased range. Since you create a lot of burst for the team, being able to prevent escapes is useful. It's also a good counter to Nazeebo's Spirit, as you can use Lunar Flare to interrupt him from a safe distance. But if you don't need the range or the extra wide circle, all the talents are viable. And don't discount Purging Mark, because it can help your team knock down a fort quickly and get out before the other team can reach you.

That's basically it! I really encourage you to try this build. Make sure to always have another hero around. Tyrande isn't meant to solo. You can use your Q on them as needed, and just burst the other team's heroes to bits. Stun them, mark them, burst them down, and have fun!

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