Tyrande The Off Support Damage Source by Sample

Tyrande The Off Support Damage Source

By: Sample
Last Updated: Nov 18, 2015
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Build: Off Support Damage Build

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Threats to Tyrande with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
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Illidan Illidan is a very hard match up if you miss your stun.
Jaina If she can get the jump on you it is near impossible to get away.
Kerrigan If she lands a pull stun, you are as good as gone.
  No Threat

Tyrande Background Top

Hello Everybody,

I consider Tyrande one of my best champs and a go to pocket pick in a flex scenario to aid my team comp. Tyrande offers a great a mount of damage and support capabilities with this build path and get carry the game if done properly. In the beginning phases of the game you want to make sure you are farming hard to get your stacks up so you can make an impact in mid and late game team fights. Always combo your Hunters Mark into a stun to capitalize your damage output in 1v1 and team fights. Use your ult to manipulate where you want the enemy team to position them selves rather than just a damage source, the disruption in their positioning is what will win a team fight in close situations. Make sure you spam your owl to help in vision throughout the game. Feel free to message me with questions or suggestions.

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