Tyrande's Self-Sustain Duo-Heals Build by Thevie

Tyrande's Self-Sustain Duo-Heals Build

By: Thevie
Last Updated: Feb 13, 2020
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Build: Tyrande Self-Sustain Build

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Tyrande was the first character I played in HotS. I've struggled with her in QM and in ranked, but it hasn't changed my passion for playing her. This guide is built around her self-sustain, and with the assumption that there is another healer or support on her team, such as Uther, T*** or Alex.

Level 1 talent allows her self-sustain while fighting enemies, especially with the usage of Hunter's Mark. And with the added increase of dps with her level 4 talent, and the spread of dps with her level 7 talent, laning or team fighting becomes easier.

Depending on the efficiency and quality of the other heals on her team, her level 10 is dealer's choice. I tend to take Shadowstalk if extra heals, escapes and/or ganks are needed. If not, I choose the Starfall option to help in team-fighting, area-of-denial, or destruction of enemy units is needed (such as on Braxis).

Her level 13 and 16 talents are also dealer's choice. I find Ranger's Mark works better with the Lunar Flare build, as I prefer a debuff to a certain player and their outgoing dps with the usage of Harsh Moonlight. I tend to take Quickening Blessing if other players don't have movement increase talents, or if it's needed for ganks. But in general, I prefer Harsh Moonlight. As for her level 16 talent, if there are stuns, silences or slows on the other team which are continually used, and the other healer on our team doesn't have a cleanse, I will pick Celestial Attunement. But generally, as part of a dual-healer comp, I tend to pick Darnassian Archery. It allows for more dps and more sustain.

To aid in the reduction of healing on the enemy team, I take Iceblade Arrows to ensure that as many enemy heroes are debuffed, losing healing ability on the enemy team. The increase in attack speed also increases Tyrande's self-sustain, being able to remain in combat longer.

There are many builds for Tryande, such as her Lunar Flare build, or her Q-build. I prefer the build I've linked for self-sustain, and the ability for her to hold her own against many different heroes.

She fails against heavily CC reliant enemy compositions. And her range is such that it allows for her to be easily accessed while team fighting. If there is a chance for her to be easily accessed during team fights, it's best she remains as far back as possible while attacking anything she can (such as walls or minions) to maintain her ability to cast Q. This build is not recommended against a highly cc-heavy opposing team. One or two cc's and she's ok. But versing a team where 4-5 players each have forms off cc and this build will struggle. If you are struggling being able to get within range to attack and remain safe, the increased range on her level 20 talent, Shooting Star, is a better talent choice.

Again, it's also based on player ability. Some find this build great against solo-laners or in cases where there is heavy cc as it allows for that self-sustain. But she is equally as likely to die during this time than survive. Tryande has always failed when she has nothing to attack, or can't get close enough to attack, as it limits her ability to heal (for those unaware, for every attack she does there is a cooldown reduction on her Q ability).

Again, I use this build when I am duo-healing with another healer or support.

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