Warp Fenix by Mostro

Warp Fenix

By: Mostro
Last Updated: Nov 15, 2019
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Build: Warp Warfare

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Early Game Top

LEVEL 1 - First Talent is MOBILE OFFENSE which you will use to poke the enemy with Phase Bomb and clear lanes, you can solo easily with this talent.

LEVEL 4 - This talent will give you survivability when your shield is gone, it will allow you to outrun the enemy, this will combine nicely with late game talents.

LEVEL 7 - This talent is the key to this build, it will allow you to warp in, get the kill and warp out since any enemy takedown will reset your cooldown. The attack speed increase is also incredibly useful and powerful and it will have good synergy with late game talents.

LEVEL 10 - Planet cracker will allow you to close enemy escape routes and to corner them in the map since it has a map wide range, it is also very powerful if your team has any aoe stuns/roots like Zarya's Graviton Surge or Gazlowes Grav-O-Bomb 3000.

Late Game Top

LEVEL 13 - This one is a conditional choice, if you have a healer on the team; Rapid recharge will make it so any heals on you will recharge a % of that heal on your shield, this has alot of synergy with Emergency Protocol, since every time you run out of shields, it will trigger the effect.
In case you do NOT have a healer in the group, AUXILIARY SHIELDS is also a good choice, since it will give you more survivability and your basic attacks restore the shield, which will also trigger emergency protocol.

LEVEL 16 - This talent is specially good against high health targets since it does a % of the enemies health in damage and of course it has a lot of synergy with Warp Warfare.

LEVEL 20 - Singularity Charge might not be the most powerful storm talent, but it makes this particular build very powerful since it gives your Repeater cannon a lot of attack speed and has great synergy with warp warfare and offensive cadence.
Unconquered spirit is a viable choice if you are being focused, since it provides a lot of survivability, just like like johanna's Indestructible, and has good synergy with Emergency Protocol for ultimate survivability.

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