Allround Bubble Murky Guide (Patch 16.0) by Maat141

Allround Bubble Murky Guide (Patch 16.0)

By: Maat141
Last Updated: Feb 2, 2016
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Build: Standard Allround Bubble/Survival

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Threats to Murky with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Abathur Not a threat to Murky, however his nests can be annoying and even kill you early. Can also be a serious nuiscance if he pairs with the right heroes.
Lt. Morales Not a real threat but you won't be able to kill her healing target, so always focus her first.
Kerrigan You can usually bubble away from her pull/stun, as long as you don't position yourself poorly you should be fine.
The Butcher You'd be surprised of how easily he can be avoided by murky, just your bubble can counter all of his basic abilities. Avoid 1v1 him early game, late game you can erase him with your combo.
Sgt. Hammer During the initial laning phase she can be very annoying to you because of her range and damage, late game her threat level decreases a lot.
Tassadar Not much of a threat, but can reveal and detroy your egg easily from long range.
Kael'thas You can easily negate all his damage from flamestrike or living bomb if you time your bubble correctly, late game you can erase him with your combo.
Jaina Same as kael.
Zagara Hydralisks will be the bane of your existence early game. That being said, her threat level also decreases late game, but not as much as Hammer because of her Maw.
Muradin I put muradin here but tanky warrios in general will be a pain for you to deal with early-mid game, but since your job is to focus the squishies it doesn't matter much, always engage warriors after you kill their support or damage dealer.
Raynor Annoying early game, and can kill you if you position yourself poorly, block really comes in handy here
Valla Similar to raynor, a bit more deadly. Block will be a lifesaver here, always engage her with bubble up early game
Tyrande Good damage and can scout your egg, if you're up against her, move your egg more frequently and in unpredictable patterns.
Nova After her talent and abilities change and removal of gathering power i noticed her threat level decreasing a lot, beware that she can still kill you early game relatively easy but now you have more time to bubble away and don't need to worry about fueling GP. If she goes for triple tap you shall be the one body blocking those shots for your team, if you have bubble up then you can survive but if you don't then sacrifice yourself since you are only worth 1/4 of XP.
Illidan Will be annoying early game, if you're laning against him before level 10, be close to your forts, when he charges at you drop a slime and bubble away, wait for your bubble to recharge and repeat. Late game you can burst him down easily
Greymane If you fall below to half you health, he can insta-kill you with his ultimate. If you grab him with your combo, he's dead. It's all about who get the first jump.
Zeratul Very high burst and god escape, if you are quick enough you can bubble and if you get him in you combo he's dead.
Tychus High damage and attack speed, he can kill you pufferfish almost instantly and his Overkill lasts longer than your bubble. If you're laning against him early game, call for help/lane swap immediatly.
Li-Ming Her spells can destroy you easily and because of her trait she can use you as leverage to reset her abilities and kill your other teammates, dodging her in TFs is essential. Also she's really hard to land your combo since she will usually teleport away the moment she sees you spitting out the pufferfish.

Introduction Top

Hello and welcome to my first ever guide for Heroes of The Storm, i really love playing Murky and he is my first hero to reach level 10, my desire to write this guide came from many unexperienced Murky players thinking the hero is plain bad because they don't know how to play him properly and asking me how can i do so well with him. I'm going to do a simple and direct guide just listing the whys and why not, the most common threats are already explained in the Threat section.

Abilites Overview Top

: This trait is the core gameplay mechanic for murky, always move your egg around the map, and don't just put it in a bush, hidden spots outside of bushes can be just as, if not more effective because when you play murky, people tend to look at bushes often while searching for your egg, don't worry too much about your egg being found, if they destroy your egg just stay close to your teammates and wait for the 15 sec cooldown to place it somewhere alse. Don't ever try to protect your egg, it's just not worth taking the risk since your egg doesn't give XP and you can die easily. And remember, even if you die while your egg is destroyed, you still give 1/4 of XP

: Your most common way to deal damage, the 8 second slow and the massive bonus damage on slimed targets allows your chasing abilities to almost rival illidan, however, unlike illidan, you can over-extend as long as you secure the kill and have your egg up even if you end up dying because of your 1/4 XP mechanic and low death timer.

: You will mainly use this to clear minion waves o trap heroes in it using Octograb, it deals a lot of damage but can be shut off easily so placement is key.

: Murky's get out of jail free card, allows you to escape burty heroes, early ganks and roots. Early game this ability's kind-of long cooldown will force you to pick your engagements well, however when talented up this ability becomes a lot more powerful and by level 16 your survival will be insane.

: The main tool for setting up your combo, can also be used alone with your team and pretty much guarantee a hero kill, the most powerful ultimate in a teamfight if used correctly IMO.

: Pretty fun heroic, but it's just that, fun. Not very practical in TFs since enemies can just walk away from it.

Gameplay Overview Top

Early Game

- Murky's early game is quite weak, you will be wanting to split push between two lanes and gather as much XP as you can to reach level 10 as fast as possible. You can place your egg near your fort and leave it there for now. Throw a pufferfish in a minion wave, slime the minions, kill them, move to the next lane lane and repeat.

Mid Game

- Now you begin to contribute a lot more to TFs, if you go for octograb you can combo it with pufferfish to kill squishies or use it just to stun your target and allow your team to kill it, use your pufferfish to zone out objectives and start moving your egg around the map.

Late Game

- This is where murky truly shines, your presence in TFs is huge and you hardly die, and when you do, you come back a few seconds later. Your combo now kills almost everyone and this usually leads to the enemy team getting overwhelmed by your constant presence. Start placing your egg in a well hidden spot near the enemy core as your team starts pushing it.

Talent Overview Top

Tier 1

: My go-to for the raw survivability boost early game, and as a murky, you will need it.

: Some people like it for it's chase/escape potential, i personally find slime just as useful for chasing because of the long slow, and regular bubble just as useful to escape without needing to sacrifice a talent for it.

: Pretty meh, the other choices are much more impactful.

: As a murky, you can get stacks really quick, can be good but you can solo mercs at level 16 with this build already, and while bribe will allow you do solo camps much earlier, you will pass up a lot of survivability and lane potential.

Tier 2

: Slime has already a good area, and you will lose so much damage by choosing this.

: What most murky guides out there say about this talent is that one more hit won't make any difference, well, they are right, just pass.

: Will give you a huge damage boost, this is where most of the damage of this build come from, and with this build, you will be able to sustain those stacks quite easily.

: If you're having trouble staying alive, then you can pick this to increase your burst/harass instead. However if you play this build properly you will usually end matches with about 4 deaths (wich only counts as 1 to murky, 0.25 for each death), don't play recklessly and only die if you get a kill or save a teammate in the process.

Tier 3

: Will greatly increase your damage and chase potential on slimed targets, and also helps solo merc camps.

: 20% for 8 seconds is already good enough, and you will lose damage choosing this.

: Pufferfish area is already good enough, same thing as Bigger Slime.

: Maybe if your team doesn't have any sort of vision you can consider picking this up, but again, you will lose a lot of damage for a bit of utility.

Tier 4

See Abilities Overview.

Tier 5

: Very nice in a slime-orientend build, but since it's not the case here we'll pass.

: Essential for the pufferfish build, but this build boosts your survival while still doing good damage, so we'll pass.

: Essentialy reduces the cooldown of bubble by half, since normal bubble cooldown is 14 seconds and bubble lasts for 2 seconds, so by the time bubble finishes you will have 7 seconds left on bubble cooldown, a must for this build.

: Can help you get back into the fight faster, however you are passing up better talents for this.

Tier 6

: Obviously has no place in a build where the main idea is to stay alive.

: Also a core part of the pufferfish build, again, let's pass it in favor of survivability.

: This talent gives a HUGE boost to your survival and reengage abilities, your bubble now will usually restore you to near-full health and you can now tank a lot more damage and 1v1 practically any hero in the game. This is also usually where you can start soloing knight camps with this build.

: Kinda of a rejuvenating bubble with a lot less healing and a bit of damage, i don't see a reason to pick this as murky since you already have good burst/healing by now (if you pick rejuvenating bubble of course).

Tier 7

: If you went for March of the Murlocs for some reason, then take this.

: A must pick. This will make your Octograb deal 900 damage alone, have fun 1v1ing everyone and erasing any enemy in TFs.

: Useless on murky, your pufferfish + Octograb will already deal a lot of damage if you go for Shark talent, you don't need 2 puffies.

: Also useless on murky, your bubble is already a great escape tool, specially after level 16.

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