Anything you spawn he kills. by DERPLINGSUPREME

Anything you spawn he kills.

Last Updated: Jul 2, 2015
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Build: CC with support

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threats Top

No one threatens murky. They might kill you, but that doesn't really matter. you respawn in 3 seconds and dash right back in!

there is ONE hero that does ruin him, though, and that's SGT. Hammer. When she's in siege mode you can't go anywhere near her, lest you die. If you play any murky build and go up against siege, I'd just advise you go to a different lane. Ignore her, and she won't bother you at all.

Why this one? Top

Its really fun to use, works great when used correctly, and is easy to use. This build clears waves almost immediately and profits from it by using the bribe ability to quickly grab siege mercs while pushing. It supports allies by getting rid of pesky minions, and slowing down enemy heroes with slime for the kill.

Explanation of the talents Top

Bribe: Murky kills off large groups of minions really quickly, which makes this great for him. The sts will be full in no time, and then just go ahead and hit up a siege camp and push until you can get more mercs.

Living the Dream: This talent is SOOOO good for murky. His puffer will auto-kill minions when its at 15 stacks, and if its just at 10 you just puffer then slime, and they're gone.This talent does require you to not Kamikazi into them, however that isn't a very great strategy in the first place.

Compressed Air: this one is simple. It makes it so that you can take out even more minions with one puffer. It also makes it so that you can hit a gate and the two cannon towers with the puffer and have the range far enough away to not get shot at.

Octo-Grab: really, either one of the talents is great. I prefer to use this one because of the stun, which allows your teammates to finish the grabbed person off before they escape. Also, once you hit lv.20, he starts hitting them for about 800 damage per second, a total of 2,400 damage over 3 seconds while stunning. If you take the other ope, however, it helps A LOT in group fights, like in Cursed Hollow.

Hidden Assault: this talent is used for a couple of things: 1) getting to a group fight after being killed and 2) not letting them discover you egg, which is something that is very important. All the talents in this tier are amazing, but this one is my personal favorite.

Rejuvenating Bubble: This is another one where the other talents in the tier are really good too. If you took Wrath of Cod though, take Slimy Pufferfish instead, it really starts wreaking shop. anyhow, I use this to last longer, mainly to keep my stacks of Living the Dream around with me instead of waiting for 45 seconds to get them all back.

... And a Shark Too!: the other talents in this tier kinda suck balls for murky, so dealing a ****-ton of damage is much better. same goes for if you took March of the Murlocs earlier, go for Never-Ending Murlocs over those other 2.

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