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Threats to Kharazim with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Cho Make sure you pick 7 sided when facing a Cho-gall
Murky Start with deadly reach, wait for bubble, execute with dash.
Nazeebo Save one dash for zombie wall ability
Sgt. Hammer Save one dash for knock back ability
Rexxar being able to dash right by Misha makes Rexxar an easy target.
Sylvanas Can pick off fairly easily. Watch for escape ability.
Nova Dash to minion or ally with foresight to reveal stealth. Easy target after reveal.
Tassadar Can pick off fairly easily. Watch for escape ability.
  No Threat
Falstad Save one dash for escape ability
Raynor Save one dash for knock back ability
Li-Ming Would advise picking talents to mitigate her ability damage
Zeratul Dash to minion or ally with foresight to reveal stealth. slightly more dangerous than nova. Save one dash for the blink.
Illidan Very tricky to counter. Use dashes when he uses evade, use deadly reach when it expires.
Medivh 1 well timed shield can block your burst, portal can reach outside your dash range.
Tracer Bad against early game. Will be able to keep up with her dashes late game. Watch out for her potential "Heal all burst damage" ability. Will rek u.
  No Threat
The Butcher Can't out damage his heal, can't out heal his damage. Do not engage unless you have 7 sided.
  No Threat

Abilities Top

Radiant Dash

This will be the main talent build. Use for main burst damage and escape.
Save charges for potential high burst damage.

Breath of Heaven

All over good heal. Make sure you queue your dash/heal by using shift. See below for details

Deadly Reach

Use for initiating fights, remember this will also be used to heal you/allies.

1 Top


constantly keep up the healing with out really thinking about it. Most of your damage will be from your ability so Iron Fists won't help too much, and you'll have plenty of mana with proper use of Epiphany; so always go healing.

Iron Fists

Better for builds that focus Kharazim's basic attacks



3 Top

Your Tier 2 talent will be strictly situational. Go [[Healing Ward] if unsure


Foresight if they have a stealthy ( Nova/ Zeratul)


Not for this build

Healing Ward

I usually go healing ward as an allover good choice

Protective Shield

Shield if you see potential for burst damage ( Li-Ming)

7 Top

After you hit Tier 3, you'll be doing allot more burst damage with [Way of the Hundred Fists]. Try and pair up with other dive heavy characters to execute quick and unsuspecting victims like Kerrigan, Greymane, or Illidan.

Echo of Heaven

Not for this build

Way of the Hundred Fists

Main talent focus for this build. Provides burst damage for Radiant Dash


I never use this for any build with Kharazim. You can counter stealth with Foresight, but at less of a cost of passing up other Tier 3 talents.


Again, you can use Soothing Breeze to get the same results as Cleanse, but without passing up the other two talents. Hundred fists and Echo are just too good not to pick.

10 Top

Divine Palm

I usually go Divine Palm to get myself/allies out of danger after a successful dive/kill. Takes time to master, but a really good healing option

Seven-Sided Strike

You can switch it up to Seven-Sided Strike if the enemy team has 2 or more big warriors.
If enemy team has Cho- Gall, 7 sided is a must have.
I usually aviod this talent if opposing team has The Lost Vikings or Murky

13 Top

This is another situational tier for Kharazim.


Although this build is based around the Radiant Dash ability, I usually don't pick this build because of the better options.

Spell Shield

Really great if you keep getting hit by Chromie, Li-Ming, Nova, or other ability heavy characters.


Good for when the enemy team has lots of CC.

Fists of Fury

Good if you don't know what to pick, provides extra damage and healing potential.

16 Top

Soothing Breeze

Not for this build. In other builds, this can be used in place of Cleanse to get rid of large stuns from Diablo, Muradin, Tyrande, and Xul.

Circle of Life

Not for this build. Great for Kharazim's healing build

Blinding Speed

After this talent pick, you should be able to get off at least four Dashes every encounter. Pay attention to how much damage you can do after each burst to better predict when you can secure a kill on your enemy.

Blazing Fists

Not for this build. Can be useful when pairing with other heroes that boost attack speed. Raynor, Abathur.
Fun fact, Blazing Fists + Lt. Morales Stim Drone = infinite Deadly Reach :)


Peaceful Repose

I used this when first playing Kharazim to better perfect the Divine Palm timing. After you master it, this talent becomes more and more useless.


Really nice when you can chunk away at huge warrior's. Taking out 77% of a warriors health can be huge.

Storm Shield

Not for this build, good for general support build for Kharazim.


This is when you can max out Kharazim's burst damage potential. Opening up with 3 Radiant Dash's, hitting Epiphany for two more, and then having 1 extra because of the short cool down from Blinding Speed should get you a total of six Radiant Dash's. At level 20 this comes to a total of 3,234 damage. Not enough to one shot all characters, but can certainly finish off almost all at half health

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