Blood God Murky? by BlackAdrian

Blood God Murky?

By: BlackAdrian
Last Updated: Dec 15, 2014
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Threats to Murky with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Li Li Li Li and champions like her are no threat to Murky because they do little damage that Murky can avoid or block and even if they kill Murky it will not count unless they kill his egg.
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Illidan Illidan and champions like him are a medium threat to Murky because while they do huge damage Murky can cause them to use multiple skills before he dies and even after he dies it dose not help the enemy team unless you kill his egg.
  No Threat
  No Threat
Diablo Diablo and champions like him are a huge threat to Murky because they are not easily damaged but they do deal Area of Effect damage making them hard to avoid.
  No Threat

Blood God Murky? Top

Murky works best for me when he annoys the hell out of the enemy causing them to spend so much time killing me and chasing me that they can not use any strategy without allowing me to destroy the lane.

Tier 1 Bribe gives you the ability to bribe mercenary's to join your team, giving you multiple ways to push all lanes.
Tier 2 Tufferfish gives your pufferfish an extra attack before it is disarmed, just annoys the enemy but thats the point. LOL.
Tier 3 Slimy Pufferfish Cast slime at location when landing, again just to annoy the enemy early.
Tier 4 March of the Murlocs summons a army of murlocs to attack everything in a single direction.
(This is were the build starts to destroy and if the enemy has not discovered what you are doing you can snowball).
Tier 5 Hidden Assault when you spawn from egg you cloak for 5 sec. with 20% movement speed.
(At this point you might have died a few times but now mercenary camps and buildings are super important and with bribe and march of the murlocs you can push lanes in the 5 sec. you are cloaked).
Tier 6 Wrath of Cod in combination with Tufferfish and Slimy Pufferfish does huge damage to anything it hits.
Tier 7 Never-Ending Murlocs in combination with March of the Murlocs last 2 sec. longer which causes extra damage.

Murky so much fun if you do not care if you die (That's what the egg's for) it is unwise for the enemy to leave you alone or to focus to heavily on you this distraction quality will make you a one man army.
I feel Blackheart Bay, Cursed Hollow, and Dragon Shire are best for Murky because the goals on the map causes the enemy team to focus on other places than you giving you freedom every now and then to do what you need to do.
Murky can be a Blood God because his deaths don't count for the other team but his damage can push lanes super fast and in team fights he causes just enough damage to crowd control and pick off weak enemy's.

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