Dps healing Build For Khara by Paddoda

Dps healing Build For Khara

By: Paddoda
Last Updated: Aug 25, 2015
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Threats to Kharazim with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
Brightwing your best friend, start punching he's day lights out...
  No Threat
Kerrigan easy to escape her have blink ready.
Azmodan easy in my opinion to escape
Arthas slow but if he is playing dps he's a bit harder.
Li Li if she isnt a dps build very weak but she can turn the tables if she knows how to play.
Anub'arak Anub:he's powerful wiith his stuns.
Gazlowe frustrating but escapable
Nazeebo getting stuck by nazeebo isn't that bad considering you can teleport.
Illidan Illidan, is a versatile character that puts a fair amount of damage on you if they know how to play him of course.
Kael'thas don't get caught being low on hp and inside his vortex be ready to use your blink for a quick escape.
Valla deadly strong.
Falstad right in your face damage.
Jaina Jaina, She puts dps like crazy if played correctly be ready for the bursts.
Nova Nova: be prepared she's waiting to see you low and you know it :/
The Butcher intense damage right in your face have your ultimate at hand and be ready for a deadly blow.
Zeratul pain in the butt. that is all...

Okay!!! Top

Tier 1:
To begin with, you do not have to choose the "overtake" ability because in doing so you can also choose "foresight" because it is a good counter to stealth characters very handy i might add.

tier 3:
Using the increased duration gained from "fists of Fury", you are capable of putting out more damage in the long run. because you are attacking more often... which leads to tier 4

Tier 4: its obvious that you want to build your healing up by attacking for longer correct well using this talents allows you to punch faster and in the long run putting more damage out, also you are healing just as much as you are attacking therefore putting more heals out.

Tier 5: You can choose from 2 talents that help in battle the ultimate buff... or you can use "Storm Shield" if you are getting hit too hard. Thats your choice i normally still take the 5 sec cool down.

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