(Editing in progress) Optimal Kharazim Play by Martimey

(Editing in progress) Optimal Kharazim Play

By: Martimey
Last Updated: Mar 3, 2022
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Li Li
Artanis It is hard to out damage a decent Artanis. If he takes the blind ult, disengage immediately since you won't be able to do damage for obvious reasons.
Brightwing It is important to watch out for BW Polymorphs, as well as anyone who she has Pixie Dust on. You will not catch anyone who has Pixie Dust on them.

Rational Top

Level One Insight:
The reason why people are shy to take Insight Lv1 is because it takes a good 7 minutes to get on board. Insight allows you to regain mana every 3rd auto attack, and upon reaching 100 stacks, every 3rd auto will reduce all of your basic abilities by 1.5 seconds. It is important to note: EVERY 3rd auto attack will grant you a stack no matter the situation. This means that if you auto attack a minion, hero, structure, mercenary, or turret, you will gain these stacks, even if you are blind or silenced. The strategy for getting as many stacks as fast as possible is to keep auto attacking as much as you can. It doesn't matter if you're attacking minions, Azmo minions, Zagara creep, any set of 3 punches will grant you a stack to work towards your quest. Your Q (upon arrival at your target) will automatically auto attack your enemy, so you can use this as an auto reset to get stacks coming your way even faster.

Level Four Allies:
I don't particularly hate Earth or Spirit allies. Pick your Lv4 to what you need for the match-up. I usually go Air Ally because it boosts all allies spell power by 15%, which includes your own healing. So I will drop an Ally and heal right away so that I can get the maximum amount of healing (and with the CD of your auto attacks, youre going to get the most bang for your buck if you go Air Ally versus Spirit Ally). Remember that you can dash to any Ally or enemy you want. You just can't dash to structures.

Level Seven Blazing Fists:
Blazing Fists allows your auto attacks to reach an additional 100%, and every 3rd auto attack will reduce Deadly Reach by .75 seconds. This, paired up with Lv1 Insight, will allow you to continuously attack at a faster rate and will allow you to reach for a couple of last autos with running enemies. This is your main source of auto attacks and will allow your healing to be up every 3 seconds once Lv1 quest is complete.

Level Ten Seven-Sided Strike:
I typically go for this ultimate over Divine Palm if they generally have at least one tank. Seven Sided Strike allows you to become in a state of stasis, and if an enemy walks into your range, you will do percent of their max health. If can be used as an excellent offensive tool, as well as a great defensive tool in hard situations to buy more time if you need to dash out with Q.

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