I will carry you until the end by Jxosgaming

I will carry you until the end

By: Jxosgaming
Last Updated: Sep 15, 2016
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Hi there guys,

Almost everyone don't know the potential of Kharazim to heal. Like me in the past, I've always use him to be utility or even dps, but then i did some games and some build tests, i found kharazim amazing for heal and carry game!

The only tip and the most important is: Be always in the middle of your team. You can't imagine the burst and constant healing you can do in the middle of a fight. But remember, this build is only viable if your team mates know how to play with a Kharazim! If you go QM or something it will be hard for you get the best of this build. Team mates will run from you, the second wave of E will be lost because they will get the first heal and then bye bye Kharazim! Don't be afraid on the engage, ENGAGE with your tanks. You're not an Uther to tank, or a Rhegar for slow, Lt. Morales for constant healing, but you are a Kharazim, the best healer for mobility in my opinion.

You can go QM with him ofc, or HL, but you will have always the chance to get people who don't know how his healing works correctly, but if you get a nice team mates go with it! you will be the potential of him!

I always use him with my Team, and the results are amazing! the healing done is always on top!

I've taken some screenshots to show what i'm talking about.

GL and HF with this build!

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