Kharazim AA Build(AKA Infinite Reach) by bfhnv1239

Kharazim AA Build(AKA Infinite Reach)

By: bfhnv1239
Last Updated: May 7, 2017
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Build: Infinite Reach

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Talent Choices & How To Play Top

The talents that are not necessary are level 4, level 10, level 16, and level 20. These could technically be whatever you want to be. I choose to take spirit ally for healing, Seven-Sided Strike and Transgression for damage, and Echo of Heaven for more healing. Your main power spike happens at level 13 once you have completed Insight's quest. At this point, as long as you are continually auto-attacking, Deadly Reach will never turn off, as you can spam it forever. Echo of Heaven is my preference for level 16 because I also spam Breath of Heaven to heal myself and allies. The main danger to this build is hard CC, as that will result in Deadly Reach turning off, which prevents you from spamming. If a team has little to no hard CC, this Damage/Support build is great.

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