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Kharazim, Fists-a-flyin'

By: jabbedxorz
Last Updated: Sep 3, 2015
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This guide for Kharazim is focused around his Deadly Reach ability and giving him the utility to sustain himself (and consequently his allies) in battle. You should never be low or out of mana using this build unless you are using your abilities just for the hell of it.

Abilities Top

Kharazim has a versatile set of abilities that allow him to move quickly to a foe or ally, heal himself and nearby allies, and increase his attack speed and attack range.

(Q) Radiant Dash
An escape and chase ability in 1; however, unlike other similar abilities like Sylvanas's Haunting Wave, this has 2 charges, so you can use it more liberally. You'll probably find yourself using it more to chase than to escape, but your opponent's play will ultimately determine this.

Helpful tip: you can Radiant Dash on minions and friendly mercenaries but not on structures.

(W) Breath of Heaven
Your sustaining ability. This gives you and nearby allies a decent amount of healing (and with Echo of Heaven, even more) and a small boost to movement speed. The movement speed boost probably won't save you if you are in the fray of things, but if you are already on the run, it will give you that much more distance between your foes. The cooldown is a little bit longer than most other healing abilities in the game.

(E) Deadly Reach
Yes, the main ability this build is focused around. This increases both attack speed and range by 100% for 2 seconds. Normally, Kharazim makes 2 attacks per second. This ability lets him make 4 attacks per second and at a short range. Since Kharazim's trait procs once every 3 attacks, this makes the trait proc once per second and once just after expiration. Not a big deal, but worth pointing out.

(R) Seven-Sided Strike
The first heroic to choose from, it is most-likely your go-to choice if you are focusing on the damaging role. You can see more about this further in the guide.

(R) Divine Palm[size]
The second heroic to choose from, it is most-likely your go-to choice if you are focusing on the support role. You can see more about this further in the guide.

Traits Top

Kharazim is unique in that he does not start with a trait and must pick it at level 1. Kharazim is capable of fulfilling the role of a DPS or support

GREEN = #2 Pick / Take me if you dear
RED = #3 Pick / NOPE!

Level 1
For this build, this is a big no-no. Hopefully, I don't have to explain why.
Iron Fists
Not a bad talent, but for this build, we need to be able to sustain our mana indefinitely. This won't let us do that, so we'll be more reliant on auto-attacking than spamming any of our abilities.
This is what enables us to fuel this build. Without it, we'd go out of mana after a few ability uses. With it, we can spam all of our abilities as much as we want. Super!

Talents Top

Level 4
Protective Shield wins here, but this is a playstyle preference. I like having the shield to help sustain in teamfights. If you have strong enough healing and are confident you can pass on this, take Overtake. Overtake will help keep you in range of enemy heroes once you pop Deadly Reach so you won't have to use Radiant Dash.
Level 7
Echo of Heaven wins here, but again, this is a playstyle preference. Way of the Hundred Fists is a close second, but I find the added sustain, just like with above, wins. Clairvoyance is junk unless you want to pretend to be Tassadar. Cleanse is junk; take Soothing Breeze and read a different guide if you want to support.
Level 10
Finally, a direct damage increase! And not just that, but it makes you invulnerable for the duration to boot! Seven-Sided Strike shines when used 1 v 1, as it will inflict 49% of the hero's maximum health as damage. In teamfights, this ability isn't that great, but with the invulnerability effect, your squishy self can safely enter the front lines, whack some baddies, and get out (if needed). The only downside to this ability is the area isn't super big, so enemy heroes can walk out of it after taking a few hits. However, you'll still dish out about 21-28% of the hero's max hp, so you might end up finishing off a weakened foe or setup someone else to finish them.

But jabs, you've been picking support talents up to this point, why not Divine Palm? Because those abilities were meant to sustain you in battle. Sure, Divine Palm will allow you to stay in the front lines longer, but your damage will suffer greatly at this point and you might as well embrace the role of support if you take it. Also, I've noticed if I'm lagging a bit, it's far to easy to miss an otherwise well-timed Divine Palm. This just makes Seven-Sided Strike more reliable, easier to use, and less potential to be wasted.
Level 13
Fists of Fury is the clear winner here and the only real choice. This upgrades your Deadly Reach to grant 12 attacks in 3 seconds from 8 attacks in 2 seconds (Kharazim makes 2 attacks per second). This will make a difference at level 16 when we take...
Level 16
Blazing Fists, the bread and butter of this build. So, basically every time we get mana, we also reduce Deadly Reach's cooldown by a second. That doesn't sound too great, except at level 13, we took Fists of Fury which lets us make 12 attacks in 3 seconds. That means when Deadly Reach is active, it's cooldown is reduced by 4 seconds if you can attack for the full duration. Plus, it lasts for 3 seconds. This means Deadly Reach's effective cooldown is only 3 seconds. If you are able to, you'll be making 60 regular attacks + 120 Deadly Reach attacks a minute for a whopping 180 attacks per minute, and these later attacks will have the added benefit of being outside of melee range.
Level 20
IMO, Kharazim has the worst level 20 talent options. None of these talents are great, but if you took Seven-Sided Strike, then you may as well take Transgression. That will up the damage from 49% max hp to 77% max hp, but it will also take longer for these strikes to land, so your enemy will probably be avoiding these extra attacks anyways except in teamfights which you should be doing tons of now.

If you didn't, then you are most-likely playing a support build, and I have to ask why you've made it this far in this guide? Peaceful Repose takes away some of the timing/lag issues you can run into with Divine Palm. Storm Shield is basically Protective Shield on steroids. If you didn't take Protective Shield early on, you probably don't need this now.

Epiphany is worthless to this build unless you are spamming Radiant Dash like a mofo; you should always be at a healthy amount of mana, and if you aren't, use your skills more wisely.

Strategy Top

]Levels 1 - 9
You'll be mostly playing in a support role at the beginning of the game. Your best bet is to either 1) have a lane buddy or 2) lane 1 v 1. You won't be dishing out much damage , so you'll probably get backed up to your towers fairly quickly if you decide to solo.

Levels 10-12
You'll have your heroic, so you'll be bringing some pain to the table against enemy heroes. If your heroic is up, look on your minimap to see where your heroic will be most useful and go use it (ie. anywhere you see a 1v1, 2v2, or a mismatch that is in your favor). When your heroic is on cooldown, you'll be more useful going back to the support role or siege merc recruiting.

Levels 13-15
Now you finally have something to help with your constant DPS. You'll have 7 seconds in between uses of Deadly Reach so you'll have slightly better staying power on the field.

Levels 16+
Here comes the fisticuffs! You'll be able to spam every ability you have as often as you can provided you aren't doing so foolishly. Your damage should skyrocket at this point, and you should now be focused on bringing the pain. You'll probably start getting focused on by coordinated teams (if they haven't started doing that already), so keep tabs of your Radiant Dash charges and pop Seven-Sided Strike to gain some invulnerability if it is up and you can land a decent amount of hits.

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