Li-Ming OP Build by Wifey

Li-Ming OP Build

By: Wifey
Last Updated: Feb 3, 2016
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Build: Teleport DPS & Survivability Build

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Intro Top

First off, Li-Ming is an amazing hero with a lot of different play-styles. I have been playing her since the PTR, and she is one of my favorite heroes to date.

This build centers around Li-Ming's unique teleport ability and using it offensively as well as defensively. Talenting into the increased range is essential for survivability and diving into team fights from afar, and the 25% health shield that she gets every time she uses it allows her to dive into fights without worrying about instantly getting killed.

Talents Top

Tier 1

Li-Ming does not tend to have mana issues after early game, so this talent is a no brainer. This gives her some much-needed survivability and allows her to poke a little bit more aggressively.

Tier 2
This talent is ideal if you are facing squishy opponents such as Murky, The Lost Vikings, or other casters. If your team is dominating a team fight, this talent could be the difference between you having to hearth or staying to deal some more damage.


If you aren't facing a squishy team, this is a good alternative, as it gives you a raw dps increase and allows you to poke a little bit harder.

Tier 3

I prefer this talent over Seeker, as it allows you to use your teleport more offensively. Use this with caution until you get the shield at level 16. Yes, is technically more dps, but in team fights or even while laning, it can be difficult to land all of your missiles on one target, as anything that gets between it and you will take the damage and steal your thunder.

Tier 4

This is Li-Ming's go-to ult. It is less overall single-target dps than her other abilities, but provides FANTASTIC range that allows you to poke from behind your team, while also having the amazing utility of going through every target in its path. This means that you can burn down minions, mercs, and an entire team if they are lined up correctly. It is also fast-moving, so you can reposition it quickly or even hunt for stealthies by swinging it in a wide arc around your character. It only has a 20 second CD, so it can be used liberally to get merc camps and even wave clear trash. Be cautious though -- Trying to use another ability while channeling this will not cancel it. You have to press R again before you can use your other abilities, which makes you vulnerable to opponents who dive you while you are ult'ing.

Tier 5

This talent is essential to a good get-away, as Li-Ming has no other talents to help her mobility. The default teleport is nice, but has such a short range that you can't even go through walls with it. This allows you to go through walls, bushes, etc. and, more importantly, lets you get away faster or dive into a team fight from farther away. Pair this with Calamity for some awesome extra dps and run towards a low-health opponent to finish them off.

Tier 6
Diamond Skin is what makes Li-Ming really able to dive into team fights with Calamity, as it provides a whopping 25% shield bonus every time she teleports. This is amazing for running away from fights as well as diving into fights, and will make you significantly harder to pick off.

Tier 7
The extra 20% bonus damage from all abilities (as long as they aren't cast in a row) is absolutely amazing. Cycle your abilities properly (and utilize your shield from E), and you will be able to 1v1 even a tank.


Archon is a fun alternative talent that allows you to sit in R mode indefinitely. Keep in mind, however, that this limits your ability to quickly get away, and also gives you a smaller overall dps capability than you would have with Tal Rasha's Elements. This talent is fantastic if the enemy team will leave you along long enough for you to stand back and focus down towers or even the core, as you can hit them from an extremely long range.

Conclusion Top

There are other builds that focus more on Li-Ming's orb, and they are fantastic choices as well. This is my favorite of her builds, however, because of the extra (and much needed) survivability of this glass-cannon poking machine.

Have fun!

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