Master Murky [March of the mrgls] (BrawlyHS) by BrawlyHS

Master Murky [March of the mrgls] (BrawlyHS)

By: BrawlyHS
Last Updated: Jan 20, 2015
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Build: March of the mrgls

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Quick talent breakdown. Top

Bribe: insane for murky, because you should be pushing one lane and soaking exp, so you will have more minion kills than most, so why not take bribe.

Envenom: This is really nice, because normally you don't have a ton of burst damage, but Envenom provides damage the enemy doesn't expect to see from murky.

Slimy Pufferfish: I think this is a no brainer, pufferfish is an ability that will not always do damage, however with this talent, pufferfish will almost always do damage.

March of the Murlocs: I proffer March over Octo-grab because to make Octo work you sort of need a whole team communicating, and if you have that, then thats grate but I don't so I run March.

Compressed Air: LARGER AOE?! sign me up.

Rejuvenating Bubble: If you haven't taken this talent before, and you decide to give it a shot, you are going to start wishing you were level 16 all the time.

Never-Ending Murlocs: The name, duh. No but legit this is insane, and why would you wont bolt of the storm on a hero who doesn't need an escape method.

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