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Most Reliable Murky Guide Ever

By: APlasticBagYT
Last Updated: Aug 13, 2021
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Threats to Murky with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Cassia Blinds and burst damage is a big threat for Murky
Rexxar Medium range, Medium damage with huge health pool is a big threat for Murky early game only.
Falstad Medium range, high damage is a big threat for Murky.
Zeratul Short range, high damage is a big threat for Murky.
  No Threat
Chromie Long range, high damage is a big threat for Murky.
The Butcher Medium range, high damage is a big threat for Murky.
Raynor Medium range, high damage is a big threat for Murky.
Sylvanas Medium range, high damage is a big threat for Murky.
Nova Long range, high damage is a big threat for Murky.
Valla Medium range, high damage is a big threat for Murky.
Li-Ming Long range, high damage is a big threat for Murky.
Sgt. Hammer Long range, high damage is a big threat for Murky Murky's worst nightmare.

The Most Reliable Build For Murky Top

If you dont want to read the text, you can watch our video instead: Murky Build | Heroes Of The Storm Reliable Builds | Slime-town

First Talent Tier Pick Top

First lets take a look at Murky's tier 1 talent picks.
    Fish Eye: Which gives the egg stealth
    Egg Hunt: Which allows you to place fake eggs
    A Fishy Deal: Which allows you to earn bribe coins to spend on camps

Now while different situations call for different picks, each pick we recommend is going to be the best fit for Murkys play style and total talent picks for the entire game.

Your going to want to pick A Fishy Deal. The reason being that as you play through the match, all the coins you saved up will come in real handy to do a massive coordinated push in late game, giving your team and unstoppable push.

Here is why we dont recommend the other two picks.

Egg hunt is basically pointless because if you hide your egg well you dont have to worry about it being found. A good place to put it early game is here, and move it back as the game goes on.

Fish eye is a good pick however you loose out on that late game crucial push, and it serves little purpose as whomever your trying to reveal is not only too close to your egg, but can be seen with your eyes, if you pay attention. Its not a horrible pick, better than egg hunt, but in our experience that late game merc camp push is a much better option.

Second Talent Tier Pick Top

Next on your talent selection you have
    Slime Time: Slime heroes to empower slime
    Tuffer Fish: your puffer fish gains spell armor and does 50% more damage to slimed victims
    Living The Dream: every 15 seconds your spell power increases 5% until you reach 25%

Your going to want to pick Slime Time. The reason you pick slime time is its a permanent effect that increases your damage output and slow of the enemy for the entire game, and its a guaranteed achievement as you basically slime nonstop. It also heavily increases the slow making it perfect to focus someone fleeing from battle.

Tuffer fish is a great pick, however the cooldown for puffer fish is 15 seconds which means that in a perfect game you will only be able to use this ability 70 times, versus being able to use slime 262 time in that same time frame of the average match, and thats not counting later picks either where that 262 slime times jumps drastically.
Living the dream sounds great, but in reality it takes over 2 mins for you to get its benefit, and murky has such a small health pool, its really a waste of what you could be doing in the mean time.

Third Talent Tier Pick Top

For tier 3 we have
    Black Lagoon: Which expands slime by a 30% radius
    Slippery when wet: which grants 50% bubble speed and reduces the cooldown by 2 seconds
    Time to krill: which gives murky 7 more dmg against heroes and slows hem by 7% for 4 seconds

Now while all of these are great picks, and we recommend them all, our highest recommendation is Time To Krill. If you hit a hero 5 times that 7 dmg turns into 35 dmg, and the slow turns into a 35% slow which is insane. This basically means you can bubble into a fight and smack a hero and seal his fat with your team. And you have to remember all the while sliming him to slimereens.

Fourth Talent Tier Pick - Hero Ability Top

For tier 4 we have two options. Both are specific to map and enemy team comp so heres how we will help you decide.

March of the murlocks is highly specific to an ideal situation, and therefore it offers less reliability in a match. Its is an amazing ability give the right comp, and the right timing, but has a huge penalty if not used right. I dont recommend this for beginners as you need to be highly skilled to know when, and how to use this ability properly to maximize its effect.

Octo-grab on the other hand has a much shorter cooldown and allows you to trap an individual to be isolated by your team. Not only this, but combined with the rest of this build, it can deplete even the highest health heros down to half their health or even kill some squishies, and you can safley float away with your bubble afterwards. And even if you die, your death only counts as 25% xp and you spawn again almost instantly. In almost all situations this is a better pick, it offers more diversity of gameplay, and more reliability than march of the murloacs.

Fifth Talent Tier Pick Top

For tier 5 we have
    Rejuvenating bubble: which restores 40% of Murky's health
    Egg Shell: which spawns murky with 100% of his health in indefinite shields.
    Fish Tank: Murky heals for 25% of the damage he deals.
We recommend choosing Fish Tank. While rejuvenating bubble is a good pick, you can only use the heal every 14 seconds or about 80 times a game, where with Fish Tank you can use it every-time you do any sort of damage. Ive been able to take out two assassins on my own with this ability, as you continue to heal through their damage. Its risky however, and i would only recommend this pick for a more skilled player, if your less skilled go with Egg Shell, as its more reliable, but offers less reward for a highly skilled player.

Sixth Talent Tier Picks Top

For tier 6 we have
    Toxic Build-up: every third hit on a hero casts a free slime
    Fish oil which casts slime where the pufferfish lands
    Wrath of Cod which does damage up to 15% of a heroes health over 5 seconds.

Now the obvious pick is Toxic Build-up, why? Because every third hit you are casting free slime, which remember now heals you and does extra damage based on our picks. We did the math, and in an average game you can cast about 262 slimes, and you are attacking a hero about 60% of the time you play, which means 630 seconds while attacking a hero, Murky who can attack every 1.25 times per second, or in 4 seconds he will attack 5 times. In 630 seconds he could potentially attack a hero 787 times. That means he can cast an extra dmg, extra heal slime an extra 262 times per average game. Now the average amount of slimes he can do in his best game has jumped from 262 times, to double that of 524 times per game if you are attacking non stop. Thats a massive jump in damage output especially considering what we have done to empower his slime. Now if truth be told, its going to more than likely be a maximum of an extra 100 slimes due to the time it takes to get this ability, however regardless, it means more damage to heroes, more slows, more heals, more control of the game.

Both fish oil and wrath of cod are very useless in the grand scheme as the cd for pufferfish is 15 seconds, and when you do the math, not only is it based on luck, skill, and the right situation, but it also leave very little room for dominating the lane.

Seventh Talent Tier Picks Top

For tier 7 there are only two picks worth considering.
    … and a shark too!
    And Making inky.
Heres how to decide which one to pick.

Pick and a shark too, if your going up against squishies who like to push, punish them for overstepping and slap them carp out of them with yoru fish ahem… i mean shark. And it does alot of damage too, its pretty much a guaranteed noob cannon kill if you play your cards right.

However if your playing against heavy tanks, you might wanna pick Making Inky. This one is up to you, i recommend and a shark too because it literally increases the damage of your octograb by 13700% and does alot of damage. However for big tanks it might not do much, especially if they are pushing hard. Instead a better option might just be making inky where you can basically slime almost not stop with the other ability we picked earlier on. It makes your a high damage little diaper baby thats almost unstoppable and highly annoying.

Extras! Top

If you liked our picks, make sure to leave us a comment down below on what you liked about our guide. Now for some basic tips with murky.

Remember your deaths are only 25% of a kill, however, its still add to their xp so be careful, especially for late game.
Also remember that because your death inst as important, be a body blocker, and disrupter, and a general annoyance to the team, get them to focus on you instead of your squishies and open themselves up for being focused.
The best way to play murky is to toy with people, they already think your not a threat, show them their folly and punish their laziness with you
Remeber murky is vulnerable to burst dealers. His one weakness is long rangers like hammer, and burst dmage dealers like kaeltheas. So move lanes if you have to or if you get countered in the lobby just be aware you will have to play less aggressive.

And thats it people, make sure to hit that like button and subscribe, this has been chris from ready gamers one, we will see you, in the next video!!

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