Murky - Deep down with murky (Ver 2.2) by Beamm555

Murky - Deep down with murky (Ver 2.2)

By: Beamm555
Last Updated: Jan 16, 2015
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Build: Murky - Ganking Build

Level 1
Level 4
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Level 13
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Level 20


Build: Murky - Pushing Build

Level 1
Level 4
Level 7
Level 10
Level 13
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Build: Murky - Team fight Build

Level 1
Level 4
Level 7
Level 10
Level 13
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Build: Murky - Team Support Build

Level 1
Level 4
Level 7
Level 10
Level 13
Level 16
Level 20

Basic things Top

Murky is melee/specialist with his remarkable trait, he is very special and also really hard to play. Most people pick him just want to troll the other team, however, he can provide a great impact in the team fight.

Let's look at his skills set;
(Q) Slime
is his basic skill (you will use it a lot) just small AOE Dmg skill with slow debuff on the enermy, which the Dmg will significant increase if the enemies who is already slimed. Really good in pushing.
(W) Puffer fish
is another AOE Dmg in his kits, really good in pushing,also in zoning the enemies, the Dmg of this skill scale up very well after lv 20, this will be the important tool to backdoor and pushing. However, Enemies can attack the fish 3 times to destroy it and prevent it from exploding.
(E) Safety bubble
Murky will become Invulnerable for 2 seconds. While active, you cannot attack or use abilities. Good Escape tool and kiting around the battle field.
(Trait) Spawn egg
Murky will place an Egg. When you die, you will respawn at the Egg after 5 seconds. If your Egg is destroyed, you are revealed to enemies for 10 seconds and the cooldown of the trait will be set at 20 seconds.

I have uploaded 4 pre-set builds at the top of this guide (including : Ganking build, Pushing build, Team fight and Support team build)

Pros&Cons Top

  • Can pull really great impact to the team fight.
  • Can split push and siege well (in the mid-late game).
  • No Mana.

  • Map&Team comp dependence.
  • Having very low hp pool.
  • So punishing low-skilled player/ do not know how to play murky player. (you will commit lot of suicide without pulling any impact to the fight/objective ,and end up with giving free exp to enemy team).

Need to know Top

Here are the things you need to know;
  • Murky give 25% EXP of normally hero killing to enemy team when he die (mean kill him 4 times = kill 1 normal hero), so going to suicide all the time without thinking is not the wise choice.
  • His egg give 75% EXP of normally hero killing to enemy team when egg is destroyed.
  • His egg aggro all minions and merc like other structure.
  • If the egg is destroyed while you channeling the new one, you will cancel the channeling and the trait will immediately set in 20 seconds cooldown.
  • his W (pufferfish) take like 0.5-0.7 second delay before the skill is go off.
  • If you die,stun when start using March of the Murlocs, the cooldown will set in 10 seconds cooldown.
  • You can use his E (Safety Bubble) can be used to clear all root/ slow effect from murky.
  • Murky still drop coin (in blackheart bay) as usual when he die.
  • Murky Q no longer affect the structure (slime debuff).
  • Using E (Safety Bubble) do not reset the merc camp (merc still aggro), however, the lane minions will reset the aggro (they will run pass you).

Some Tips!!!
  • Always change the location of your egg often to adapt with the situation (between safe point in base and near the team fight zone.
  • One of the best place to lay the egg is in the merc camp that just was taken as it's likely to have no one
    go to get the merc (your egg has 45 sec CD, so you can take merc with team - lay the egg when the CD go off, go change the location later before the merc respawn again).
  • Try not to solo the lane to soak exp in early game as your die really fast, losing the lane exp while you respawn and run back to the lane.
  • Try not to lay your egg sit next to the gate because the enemy team will see it as they use their skills to destroy your tower (many skills in this game provide a little vision (including your egg) behind the wall).
  • Body blocking is one of the most important skill you need to have when play murky, use it a lot.
  • Use your egg as a bait, yea I use this strategy a lot when my team run from enemy team (make sure you already safe) just lay an egg to bait them (can be use as body block in some narrow path), sometime miracle happen ^^.
  • If you want to go aggressive, lay the egg in the bush near the objective location is the good thing to do (like lay an egg in the far left side of the mine after clearing the skull in that side - in haunted mine)

Talents Top

  • Block : As murky has such a small hp pool, this talent will save your life a lot, it will be great choice if enemy has many warriors (Cuz they have low attack speed). if the enemy has many DPS like valla, Illidan this talent might not worth it. (3.5/5 points)
  • Bubble Breeze : 20% speed up - Very popular talent that most people choose in lv 1, great to run away or chase enemies, also help murky in body block too. (4/5 points)
  • Assault Egg : increase the hp of an egg seem good in many situation but still weak even in late game (lv20+) an egg still be destroyed in 2-3 seconds. it's much better for you to try to change the location of an egg more often to prevent the egg hunter to find it (however, this talent is really good with high map-awareness player). (3/5 points)
  • Bribe : really good talent to take the merc. (4/5 points)

  • Bigger Slime : bigger mean better right? increase the size of slime by 30%, good in pushing, help to reach the range enemy and also combo well with the Hindering Slime talent. (3.5/5 points)
  • Gathering Power : Really great talent if you want to go for full DMG build this one is a must (If no Zeratul/Nova in enemy team this one can be the best talent to pick up). (4/5 points)
  • Tufferfish : really good in early game and pushing as the fish wont show how many times it will be destroyed in number so many people always think they can destroyed it before exploding so they get themselves exploded, if you deal with solo enemy in the lane this one might be the really good one to pick as there are a few hero (valla and illidan can destroy it in time even you have this talent) in this game can destroy it in time when alone. (3/5 points)
  • Envenom : really great talent to increase the Dmg output and also great way to secure the kill when enemy is far away, if enemy team have more than 2 healer, this talent might be not worth it. (4/5 points)

  • Slime Advantage : Do not underestimated this talent it increase a lot of murky potential DMG output. However, this talent require some condition to be good to pick (like your team have many CC or your team have good shield like Tassadar, Abathur). (4/5 points)
  • Hindering Slime : reallllly! great to help your team in team fight/chasing situation. not provide much value in pushing. Combo with bigger slime talent, you can poke and run by try to let the enemy on the edge of the skill range all the time, melee hero with no gap closer/escape skill can die without touching you. (4.5/5 points)
  • Slimy Pufferfish : great with pushing build because it do additional DMG to structure. It's also upgrade his pufferfish to be used as medium range CC (toss the fish to slow the enemy). (4/5 points)
  • Clairvoyance : reveal an area always good in all MOBA game, also can be used to detect invisible hero. (4/5 points)

  • March of the Murlocs : good in zoning and slow all the enemy team, work great if you team have a good AOE / good CC in initiate the fight, however, the damage of this skill is not high, you really need team to follow up. (Pick this when you have a good team combo/ enemy have many low hp pool like Valla,Illidan,Jaina)
  • Octo-Grab : Good single target CC, even you die the enemy still be stunned for full duration. I often prefer this one as a really great tool to stop enemy and excel in ganking!!.

  • Continuous Slime : Good talent to pick in all situation, however, if you do not go for aggressive style, the slow debuff from slime alone is so long (8 seconds) so it will be better to go for another talents. (3.5/5 points)
  • Compressed Air : another bigger skill, well... great talent for zoning and also good in team fight combo well with gravity bomb (However, the size of slime is not increase if you got slimy pufferfish talent). (3/5 points)
  • Bubble Machine : Really good talent to keep you alive (really work well with shield skill to keep you longer) ,it's depend on your build and enemy team composition if they have a high DMG glass canon type, this one might not be good as you will die instantly. However, if enemy team has DPS assasin (not the burst-glass canon type) this one is good to pick as they have to take much more time to kill you Combo great with Rejuvenating Bubble at lv 16. (4/5 points)
  • Hidden Assault : good if you have a problem to reach the enemy or the enemy team have many range hero as your can sneaky to go full DMG combo, as murky always have the problem to gank the enemy as they try to back off and kill you before you reach them. (3.5/5 points)

  • Slimy End : good choice if the enemy team has 3 or more melee heroes in their team, can combo with Hindering slime to make team much more easy to chase the target or you can go suicide to enemy team to slow them prevent them from chasing your team. (3.5/5 points)
  • Wrath of Cod : The DMG for single target still less than another slime from Slimy end and require many condition to pull it off (1. target must be slimed 2. pufferfish must survive till explode), however, it can pull a good combo with other skill like Grav-O-Bomb 3000, Leap with Arreat Crater talent or Mosh Pit . (3.5/5 points)
  • Rejuvenating Bubble : This talent is so good, no need to slow your pushing and keep drain the ammo( with this you can drained at least 6 ammo from the tower when pushing each time) or keep chasing the enemy. Basically, this talent allow you to respawn immediately (full hp + clear all debuff).(5/5 points)
  • Blood for Blood : not great for drain hp, but really good for Ganking build to finish off the target and the slow debuff from this skill sometime can be used to save your teammate from a far. (4/5 Points)

  • Swift Storm (Deprecated) : Great tool to reach the team fight or backdoor the base, nothing special. (3.5/5 points)
  • Bolt of the Storm : Well Not much useful...can be use to make you much more easy to approach the enemy. (2.5/5 points)
  • Never-Ending Murlocs : Not good as it look, It does not increase the DMG and the slow is longer enough to finish the fight or your can prolong the slow with your slime.(Good choice when you likely to have a long team fight + zone enemy away from objective like in Sky temple, Blackheart Bay). (3.5/5 points)
  • ... And a Shark Too! : Increase DMG output a lot, I mean a Lot!! (around 300 per hit, so total of 900 at lv 20) a Must for Ganking build (Start with pufferfish then immediately Octo-Grab (grab enemy in the range of pufferfish then slime + envenom + slime + blood for blood = kill), however, you can die early (while stunning enemy)and do not pull the full damage of this talent. (4/5 point)

Changelog Top

[1/17/15] - add changelog, change some talent in team fight build. change detail in talent guide Lv1,7,13,16 and 20

Coming soon Top

  • Guide for early, mid and late game.
  • Strategy in each map.
  • Video
  • In dept math for dmg murky

Finally Top

Hope this will help people understand how to play him more. If you like this guide please left a rating for me. If you guys see something I need to fix or any request for this guide, just let me know in the comments.

See you guys in the Nexus,

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