Murky, demolition murloc... by Arkann

Murky, demolition murloc...

By: Arkann
Last Updated: Oct 29, 2014
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Build: Demoliton of structures

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How wors Murky Top

Murky is a Specialist Hero.

Specialty is based on the destruction of structures. And pushes a line.

It is the weakest hero. Two hits, kill you. Nova one hit. ¬_¬

But .... he has the Trait to revive from its egg in five seconds at any level. Actually, he does not die. If you check the final game stats, you'll notice that always (except for some esepciones) has 0 deaths.

Then, at the beginning of the game, Murky must locate the egg. This is very important to revive from there, whenever he dies.

If you decide to risk a little, you can place the egg near the farthest towers. So relive closer to the enemy.

If an enemy hero hits it, it can destroy. This action restarts Murky trait. And if Murky dies, at that time has death as a common level of hero that he is.

Note: While Murky relive the egg, he gives the enemy group, only 25% of XP that would provide for a Hero that level. By this, do not worry too much about them kill Murky. Murky wins by perseverance.

The main objective of Murky is push a line. And always watch game of our partners, to help them whenever Murky can.
It is important focused on that ONE line. Murky destroying structures is powerful, but it works best in a line, instead of alternately attacking different lines.

It is important to focus on the mechanics of the map too. For example, in the map of the mines, the trajectory of the golem is known before the game begins. So it is helpful when our golem rise and advance, reaching the first fortress easily because Murky destroyed the first two towers and portal.

The worst mistake the enemy can do is underestimate Murky.

Murky alone can clean an entire line and get to the core, if they let him do what he wants.

Skills Top

The main Skill is the Pufferfish (W)

Murky plays hidden in the undergrowth.

So the mechanics are simple:

Murky approaching an enemy fortress or tower (hidden as possible)

Launches Pufferfish.

He hides again.


Note: The fish can be attacked and destroyed.

Slime (Q)

Slime can kill minions helping to push a line. If you are alone. No much more.

Safety Bubble (E)

Safety Bubble is only useful to avoid an attack and to continue besieging enemy buildings.

March of the Murlocs (R)

March of the Murlocs is the crucial ability to achieve its purpose.

If launched March of the Murlocs in good position, we can do great damage to the enemy defenses and Heroes in the area!

Yes! In this case, the Heroes are also affected significantly. If a hero is in the way of March of the Murlocs can end up dead.

The aim with this ability is: throw as often as possible. Remember that no matter who you kill, Throw it!

If you you know that you can cast but you're gonna die, it's worth!

March of the Murlocs: Makes a lot of damage and improve 20 lvl, much more!

Build Top

Lvl 1
Bubble Breeze: It gives us something to escape velocity.

Lvl 4
Tufferfish: Adds resistance to the fish.

Lvl 7
Slimy Pufferfish: Adds damage and slows enemies

Lvl 10
March of the Murlocs of course!

Lvl 13
Hidden Assault: At this point in the game, it is very important to be able to return quickly to the target.

The other option would Compressed Air, but more importantly for the final game Hidden Assault.

Remember, Compressed Air does not add damage, only enlarges the area of ​​effect.

Lvl 16
Wrath of Cod: More damage! and make combo with Slimy Pufferfish.

Lvl 20
Never-Ending Murlocs: Improvement for the March of the Murlocs!

In conclusion Top

It is important to be fast and always with the goal in mind.


You alone can not win the game, help your teammates whenever you can.


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