Murky guide: Hybrid Guide. by Pizzero96

Murky guide: Hybrid Guide.

By: Pizzero96
Last Updated: Jun 24, 2015
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Threats to Murky with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Nova This girl will bust you in seconds and you won't even realize
Zeratul Sometimes they focus on searching your egg, keep them busy by moving it arround the map, but he could wait for you to placed and outplay you
  No Threat
  No Threat
Valla She's got really high attack speed so be careful
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Sgt. Hammer If you [pufferfish] her she has 2 options, moving out from teamfight or dying against a murloc... Not a big deal
  No Threat
Abathur Come on, even Murky is so much scary than this little worm.

Introduction Top

This is a guide of a hero that I enjoy a lot to play witch is murky, a melee specialist that many people rage at due to his lack of presence on teamfights and his low HP but, well played he can do such a good backdoor job by zonning and pushing different lanes. You must always keep an eye on you egg and if it's been chased by the enemy team try to change its position as much as possible. With this build you can play murky a bit more offensive and involving on teamfights more often and It's been working really good for me.

Early game Top

Murky is way more useful at the late game so you will try to choose talents that may help you to improve at the early game such as [Bribe] that will reward all your farming doing camps really easy (try to avoid it if playing with heroes on your team like [Gazlowe] or some others that may have chosen this talent. In that case I recommend going with [Bubble Breeze] that will give you some escape ability and is perfect for body blocking later on (you might not believe it but Murky is pretty good on this).
At level 4 I'd say it's up to you but I'm between [Envenom] witch match perfectly with your lack of damage above all at the beginning of the match. If you rather go with [Living the dream] is also a really good option but the way I play Murky at the Mid game is not worth since I die a lot when involving on teamfights.
When you get level 7 I would go with [Slime Advantage] for some extra damage or [Hindering Slime] for a little bit of CC (Crowd Control).
What you have to do at this moment of the match is farm as much as possible so you use your [Bribe] and keep an eye on the map and go for objectives with your team. For doing this properly, it is important to reposition your egg every time you move to an other lane so if you die you'll be back in just seconds.

Mid game Top

For this build both ultimates are really good, but I prefer [March of the Murlocs] since is really good for doing siege damage and also for teamfights because of his CC (with that ulti and spamming [Slime] you can do a really hight damage and with [Emvenom] you can take most os assasinns down. Now your build must be focused on your sustain so you can stay on teamfights for longer and held the team by donning of body blocking. This wars really good because people usually will focus on you in stead of your assassin with gives some advantage on teamfights and with [Bubble Machine] and [Rejuvenating Bubble] you are quite a pain for the enemy team, and if your egg is well positioned you will be almost every time right there. Keeping and eye on sieging and tryining to help your team now will actually help your team a lot if you manage to be chased all time (most of the time it will be by 2 enemy heroes so the number disadvantage you had at the early game changes on your team favour. At this time you can think about positioning your egg in a offensive way so you al always sieging and zonning your enemies.

Late game Top

As long as the match goes on, your presence is still better because you still have those 5 seconds after been killed while the rest of the heroes might have about 50-60 seconds. This is when you became a pain for your enemy team. Position your egg next to the enemy core and keep pushing so if you are alone you'll do so much siege damage and at the same time, heroes that respawn will be focusing on killing you in stead of joining the rest of the teamfights. you'll now die a lot, but don't surrender and keep doing your job. If you see that what you do is just not working, with [Never-ending Murlocs] your CC will be massive and you damage will be increased by a lot. just keep trying and you'll see why this hero has one of the best win rates in this game.

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